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Every romantic person desires to live in a world facing the sea and spring, and the Mediterranean Sea is such a wonderful place.

Recall from the last article, we introduced 3 startup business ideas of Social Media Management、Tax Consulting and IT Consulting. I believe that the last article can give you some inspiration. This week, we will introduce three new types of startup business ideas. If you are interested, please read on.


1.  Bed and Breakfast

Are you a traveler? If you like to travel, do you want to live in an interesting tourist destination? Does your home have a guest house, a suite, or even a spare room? Do you like cooking and entertaining guests? If so, one of the best small business ideas you might like maybe turn your home into your own B & B. Website like VRBO makes it easier for people who want to market their homes, and let the tourists easier to make lots of new friends. What a wonderful and meaningful thing it is. If you are interested in it and there's a room to rent, you can consider starting your own business—B & B.

breadfast on bed

The B & B industry is estimated to be worth $3.4 billion. Its core is to start from about 17000 Inns or houses in the United States, and then expand to all products and services, enabling these Inns or houses to be the ideal destinations for millions of domestic and international tourists. As shown in above chart, we know that the market size of B & B industry has been rising.

Some of you may not be familiar with B&B. The following description is professional operation of B&B. If you want to operate a small B&B, following content can also be used as a reference. Bed and breakfast accommodation, also known as B & B, can be broadly defined as an independent small hotel that provides overnight accommodation and breakfast, just like a home setting. Many B & B are family owned and run by individual owners. Many are renovated old houses, many were houses that used to be spectacular. Each of them is unique. You may think many of these houses are in quiet residential areas, small towns, or remote paths, but in fact, many are also in big cities and popular destinations. Compared with the ordinary traditional accommodation industry, B&B enables the host to have a closer relationship with the guests, and the host also serves fewer guests. In addition, traditional hotels are usually the same in decoration style, size and basic facilities. For some B&B, the long-standing old buildings have been turned into B&B rooms, which retain the unique characteristics of its past. Also, it integrates modern comfort and technology. For example, it still retains the previous decoration style, while the room also has separate control of heat / air, luxurious bathroom, convenient facilities and rest area. In general, B&B is usually designed to create a romantic, comfortable, relaxing and charming atmosphere, aiming to provide an extraordinary and unforgettable experience for guests.

The quality level of products provided by B & B is different, like in every industry. The following description is not very comprehensive, but it can be used as a reference. The host of B & B strives to make the guests feel at home and feel the warmth of home. In addition to paying attention to the daily life of the guests, it is also necessary to give the guests a close sense of favor. It should be noted here that they must be friendly and personal and meet the personal needs of the guests. Breakfast is a very important point, usually included in the room price, and is usually non-traditional, delicious. The main course of breakfast usually changes every day. Many B & B will provide signature dishes, such as French toast pie, berry pie and egg centered creative dish, baked pastry, fruit smoothie and fresh bread. Or according to the special needs of guests, you need to meet them. Some chefs will also pick fresh fruits and vegetables from their own garden to give guests the most delicious enjoyment. Some chefs will add local specialties to the menu, guests like it so much.

Accommodation costs usually include a large number of "free" room facilities. The guest room includes necessary facilities and equipment, Jacuzzi, comfortable (or luxurious) bedding, exquisite candy and bathrobe, etc. Rooms and suites are usually furnished with lovely and delicate antiques, while some rooms are designed to meet the needs of modern people, with king size beds, flat screen TVs and other modern equipment. Some rooms even have gas stoves or electric fireplaces to enhance the living atmosphere. In addition to some basic products and services, it also includes free use of bicycle, Wi-Fi, free parking, customized fresh dessert, afternoon tea, swimming pool, etc. B & B usually provides "additional services" ,such as massage, champagne,fresh fruit, delicious picnic, breakfast delivered to the guest room, free tickets to local attractions and other hospitality to improve guest occupancy.

Bed & Breakfast accommodations have become the first choice of many tourists, the result is due to the friendly social interaction between the host and guests. Public breakfast table, all day coffee supply and service, and comfortable public rest area, such as living room, garden, balcony, can be places where guests can have a good talk. The social activities and desserts provided at night are more helpful for the guests and host to communicate with each other. On the other hand, most B&B also give guests quiet and relaxing time. Some guests may want to enjoy their personal time more quietly. Romance plays an important role in B & B experience.

b&b trends

The above picture shows the house price of B & B in off-season and peak season. It can be used as your pricing reference. If you are willing to be the owner of a B & B, this price list maybe can help you.

Breadfast on Bed data info

(based on PAII Industry Study Data)

From above pic, we know that about 23% host is individual. B & B has always been what people need. If you are a person who likes to make friends or chat with others, it is a good choice to open a B & B house.



2.  Photography


There is a large market and demand for weddings, company events, family portraits, etc., these events all need professional photographers. According to IBISWorld, the photography industry, including photo studios and commercial photography, generates about $10 billion in revenue each year, employs over 230,000 people(as shown in follow chart), and has almost 185,000 businesses in U.S.A. In the last 5 years, the growth of per capita disposable income and company profits has driven the development and growth of the photography industry. All photographers have benefited from the increased demand for services in the photography industry. Over the past 10 years, advances in digital technology has lowered the threshold for people to enter the photography industry, enabling individuals to start their own photography business. Consumers' demand for professional photography services is expected to increase with the growth of per capita disposable income.

photography in us emplyment statistics

The photography industry includes companies and individuals providing a range of photography services, including static photography and video recording for private events. Business and portrait studios are also part of this industry. There are also many kinds of photographers, such as news photographers, report photographers, portrait photographers, sports photographers, fashion photographers, advertising photographers, wildlife photographers, wedding photographers, corporate event photographers, food photographers, and more specific photographers, such as still life photographers, film static photographers, stage photographers, architecture photographers, crime scene photographers, medical photographers, etc.

The following figure is photography in the US wage statistics, which tend to rise steadily.
photography wage statistics

If you love photography and want to make photography a career, you can open a photography studio with your like-minded partners to undertake some photography work. When your reputation and professionalism get better and better, your business will get better and better.

As we all know, there is a great demand for photographers for weddings, company events and family portraits. Every couple has a demand for wedding portraits. When the company holds activities, it also needs to invite professional photographers. Although you may think that mobile phones and digital cameras are popular now, the demand for photographers is not as high as before, but the professional photographers are incomparable with the amateur. Just do it.



3.  Writer

Freelancers who want to develop their own freelance business will be excited to know that some industries will continue to grow and recruit writers since 2011. These industries will need web writing, copywriting, blogging, article writing, newsletters, and other writing. You can use this opportunity to promote you and your writing service.

Following 3 industries will hire freelancers.

3.1 Tourism

As we all know, tourism is increasing, thanks to the baby boomers. Tourism is a booming industry in the United States. In 2018, domestic and foreign tourists contributed about $1.1 trillion to GDP. It is not surprising that the contribution rate of domestic tourism expenditure has been higher than the international level. In the past five years, domestic tourism expenditure accounted for about 80% of the year-on-year expenditure. Tourism is not only helpful to GDP, but also can provides a lot of jobs for American residents. In 2017, tourism industry created about 5.3 million job opportunities.

domestic travel spending

Baby boomers are mentioned above, they will not give up travelling, they have enough money and time to travel. If you're interested in travel writing, it's time to start your own business. If you have experience as a travel writer, you can market your writing services to travel agencies and local tourism bureaus.

Tourist writers mainly write the introduction of cities and tourist attractions. If you haven't been to that place in person, it may be very hard to write. But if you've been there in person, you can put your own experience into the article. Tourism writers mainly increase the number of tourists and promote the local economy through their articles. Don't underestimate the power of a writer. 

3.2 Sports/Game writers

We know that many sports teams have their official websites, and major leagues have agreements with some publishers to publish books. But there are many ordinary sports websites and fan websites that don't have professional writers yet. They are in need of writers. If you become a sports writer, you can also enjoy a lot of extra benefits, including free tickets to the game, as well as access to favorite players and coaches. At the same time, the game industry is huge and growing. The global game market revenue is expected to reach US $152.1 billion in 2019, an increase of 9.6% compared with 2018. In 2019, the United States will become the world's largest game market with revenue of 36.9 billion US dollars. The game writer's task is to write game meetings and events, tips guides and eBooks. There are also some game writers who mainly deliver daily news events, as well as regular in-depth reports and heavyweight topics, which make the whole industry feel fresh, interesting, useful and knowledgeable, and can refresh and influence readers' world outlook. If you are an expert on a particular game, start writing about your experience.



3.3      Nursing homes and assisted living facilities

Believe it or not, some baby boomers will go to nursing homes and need some assisted living facilities. More and more of these nursing homes and facilities will be built now and in the future. They need freelancers to help them sell these businesses. Professional writers help them to promote their business, so that more people can enjoy the services of nursing homes.

Nursing homes and auxiliary living facilities provide a series of health services for the elderly or those with physical or mental conditions. In normal conditions, these patients don't need full-time hospital care, but they need medication, laundry, physical assistance and a healthy food mix.

Nursing homes and auxiliary living facilities are very important. These services improve the quality of life of the elderly or people with physical diseases and help them live better.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities

Therefore, if you have professional knowledge and experience in this field, we may as well start a nursing homes to help the elderly or those with physical or mental conditions to improve their life quality. This is really a good idea.

Nothing is better than working for yourself. Even if you may love work and think it's really good, the satisfaction you get when you are your own boss is totally different. This will not only make more sense, but also gain more. If you want to be your own boss, just do it.


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