Best Startup Business Ideas in 2019

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Nothing is better than working for yourself. Even if you love work and think it's good, the satisfaction you get when you are your own boss is totally different. This will not only make more sense, but also gain more.

Although it may seem risky to enter a new market, especially if you are a startup. Let us face the reality, you spend more time on 9-5 work elsewhere. At some point, you may actually pay more than just time. So it’s definitely worthwhile to venture into a new market.

When thinking about starting your own business, the first thought you think of might be: "What should I sell?" or " Which industry is the most profitable?" or even " What can I do with my skills?"

Here are a few small businesses that are suitable for emerging entrepreneurs in all walks of life, and the modern market needs such services. If you have these skills, you might find some success on your own.

1. PET Gromming and Care

The statistic shows that the size of the US pet grooming and boarding market from 2009 to 2019. The value of the US pet grooming and boarding market has increased from $4.56 billion in 2009 to $8.38 billion in 2019.

pet gromming trend

Pet parents and entrepreneurs alike can all agree, the pet industry is continuing its trending growth seen in the last three decades. Since 1994, the pet industry has seen U.S. expenditures rise a whopping 269%. This number actually surpassed economic predictions by four billion dollars. Even marketing gurus like Ellen DeGeneres are hopping on the pet industry growth train.

If expenditures continue to rise at the rate of the current trajectory, the pet industry is expected to reach $96 billion within three years, according to Packaged Facts. 

Statistic shows that more and more Americans want to raise cats or dogs. 65% of the population reported having pets, of which approximately 77.8 million dogs and 85.8 million cats are the most popular pet choices. In 2015, food sales alone reached $23.05 billion.

These numbers show that the kinship between human and animal is stronger than ever and pet parents are willing to keep pets and pay for the wellness and comfort of their animals. The global Pet Grooming market is valued at 2130 million US$ in 2018 and will reach 3580 million US$ by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of 6.7% during 2019-2025



In today's era of peaceful development, many families and couples choose to raise pets. Pets can bring joy to our families. Pets are also our family member. But when we work outside, we can only let the pets stay at home. At this time,we can choose a pet agency and let professional institutions help us take care of pets. Indeed, many families choose to hand over pets to professional pet agencies for care and beauty nowadays.

From an investor’s standpoint, you can’t go wrong with the pet industry. During the Great Recession, the pet industry proved its resilience by being one of the few industries that grew during the hard economic times.

From the perspective of investors, the pet industry will never go wrong. During the Great Depression, the pet industry was one of the few industries in which economic hardship grew, thus demonstrating its resilience.

pet grooming market size

                                   (source from:


2.   Food Truck

Food is the foundation of our survival and the restaurant industry will always exist. As long as you are willing to pay with your heart and soul, you will be successful. The food truck industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. In the past six years, more and more people want to invest in the food truck, and new suppliers cater to the niche market. Customer preferences are constantly changing on food taste. The unique flavor of different food trucks reduces costs and increases sales.

A Chick-fil-a food truck has officially hit the streets of Strongsville

In the 2008 recession, the soaring unemployment rate and economic collapse forced many people to lose their jobs. At that time, trucks began to appear in most cities in the United States. Heavy trucks have appeared in major cities such as New York, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Seattle.

Buying a food truck is profitable, food is what people really need. High-quality fast food is fresh and its price is very reasonable. Affordable food is the only one in the food industry that thrives. Even in the economic depression of 2008, affordable food is a necessity for most people. Food is the foundation of our existence.

The owner of the dining car found a new way to use the mobile restaurant to keep the business profitable. Most food service providers have a certain understanding of running off-site operations. For many restaurant owners and those who willing to do business in the food industry, food truck is the best way to bring their innovative dishes to the rest of the city.


3. Online English teaching


Ten of thousands of Americans choose to teach English online. A large number of children and students in China,East and Southeast Asia are eager to learn language. And thanks to advanced global communications technology and some Chinese online education companies, many Americans have their jobs. Proponents say tutoring allows people who are in rural areas or away from major job areas to have a good and meaningful job.


Let’s discuss the issue of rural unemployment rate in U.S. The urban and rural unemployment rate is at its lowest level in decades. The unemployment rate is measured by the Bureau of Labor Statistics Current Population Survey (CPS). The rural unemployment rate in 2012 was 4.2%, slightly higher than the unemployment rate of 3.9% in urban counties. Actually, the national unemployment rate is the lowest since 1969. However, the drop in the unemployment rate is not only because of the creation of employment opportunities, but also by people giving up the research for employment opportunities and withdrawing from the labor market completely.


unemployment rate
Chart data

It has been seen that more and more Americans are often engaged in freelance and contract work at home. Many online English teaching websites are also looking for English teachers. FlexJobs, a job-seeking website that specializes in remote, part-time, freelance and flexible jobs, says these Chinese companies have been hiring English teachers and make online counselors the most common online jobs in the United States. Online teachers have an average salary is $12 to $20 per hour, and most teachers have a starting salary at around $15 per hour. Each tutorial lasts for 30 minutes.


VIPKid, which is an education company, had just 10 teachers and a small number of students when it was founded in 2013. It is now one of the largest online English tutoring platforms in China, with about 70000 teachers in the United States and Canada, compared with 20000 in 2000.

Online tutoring is especially suitable for college educated Americans with lower barriers to entry. For those people who live in rural areas, commuting long distances or having fewer economic opportunities, this is also a truly convincing and meaningful option.

English/ ESL teaching online

If you are a native speaker or a proficient English speaker, you can use English as a second language for online teaching. According to your actual strength and experience, some people are willing to pay more than $60 an hour. Based on this, you need to improve your teaching ability. Everything you teach can be done online, which means you can start up your own company and hire people who are willing to work with you. But it's not a career that anyone can do. It's not so easy to educate children. You need patience and the ability to interpret and simplify difficult language and cultural concepts.

If you have above or other skills, it's better to start your own small startup. Of course, setting up a small company is not a simple thing. Before starting a business, you need to take everything into account. Starting your own business is a long process. In this process, you will learn a lot. It is equivalent to create a great learning opportunity for yourself and being able to recognize yourself. After deciding to start your own business, many things need to be considered by yourselves, ranging from shop location to wallpaper selection. It is also a skill to arrange the work reasonably for employees.

This paper introduces three feasible startup company ideas, and relevant paper will be issued one after another. If you are interested, read the next one.

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