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As the office space of a commercial office building, the openings can be large or small, all depending on the needs and affordability. At this level, there is no need to write more.

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office design
As the office space of a commercial office building, the openings can be large or small, all depending on the needs and affordability. At this level, there is no need to write more.
However, as the owner, in order to facilitate future users to make more intuitive site inspections and use considerations, two models, large and small, were launched, and the symbiotic form was responsible for the design work.
At the design level, it is understandable if the design is only completed in accordance with the model house. But in terms of design, the board room is actually a display.
Since it is used as a display only as a general interior design, the process for the designer is as natural as chewing wood chips. As a result, it cannot impress the visitors.
Therefore, after accepting the design task of the project, the designer of the symbiosis form decided to design two scenarios for the two board houses-one for the design form and one for the industry characteristics. 
Since there is no hard requirement at the level of design itself, in the first scenario, the designer tried to play a pixel vision of black and white and gray, and imagined the smaller space as a small office space for the cultural and creative industries.

office design



Pure black and white has been used more in the design of this decade. Although the effect is clear and visually stunning, but just like Dunton braised pork, it will not be tired for a long time. Changing your mind a little may be good for your appetite.

The so-called pixel vision is to decompose and color the color of an object, and it is visually fragmented.

The designer of the symbiotic form, after sorting out this idea, actually defined it as an experimental job-the designer applied this principle and was not in a hurry to consider the completion.

Instead, first deconstruct the large office board room space with different materials, colors, and lights, and observe the colors and conditions under the lights according to their respective texture conditions, and then use this as a basis for design. Design work.

office design

After splitting and summarizing the material and hue changes, it is found that the entire space presents a large proportion in the composition of the hue, with the gray and white main tones of different brightness and existence states.

The white tone is a stable part of the entire reconstructed space. The different shades of gray, different textures formed by custom cement boards, wooden blocks, gray glass, carpets and furniture become the entire space. The most lively element complements white.

office design

office design

Let the whole space present a quiet but not dull atmosphere. The final result of this design makes people imagine the fast and accurate splitting and aggregation of different volumes in image post-processing.

With the meaning of visual illusion. And all this is the result of analysis-performance.



 office design

office design

In the small board room part, the designer of the symbiotic form conceived and defined the space as a small, conventional, small cultural and creative studio with less capital, which is economical but easy to use, and has less than 20 people.

The use of the " bear" shape and changing orange as elements to adjust the space atmosphere in the design, using a large area of white to form a variety of levels under the light, supplemented by subtle changes in dark gray, to establish a spatial order.

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office design

office design

Design is a game that establishes order within a certain framework. If you understand this, you won't be embarrassed by the routine and try the taste of "usefulness with one mind".

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office design
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