5 Drawer Wood Cabinet with Door FAQs

5-Drawer Wood Chest with Door

* This chest fits for office, studio, kitchen, bedroom ect.

* Spacious desktop can hold your printer or scanner

* Crafted from durable particle board, scratch resistant and water resistant.

* Easy to move around with 360° swivel casters, 2 front casters with brakes to prevent tipping over

* Solid construction ensures the max weight capacity : 100 lbs. Easy assembled with instruction

                    5 Drawer Wood Cabinet with Door

1.How much weight does the top shelf support?

Devaise says that their particle drawers are sturdy and can hold up to 18 pounds. I personally don't think that I would put a weight of 18 pounds in a top drawer but probably would go up to 10 lbs. in any drawer.

2.can it fit 12x12 cricut press inside left drawers?

I measured the drawer size and they are 12&1/4 wide by 13& 1/4 in length with a height of about 31/2. I also own the 7 drawer Devaise storage piece and those drawers are bigger in all dimensions.