Wood Lift Top Coffee Table FAQs

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New Style of WLIVE Lifting Top Coffee Table!

Bring you wonderful leisure time...

Every nice living room needs a beautiful and practical coffee table.

It should have large space for you to place magazines, CDs, and game controllers.

When you don't want to leave the sofa, you can also have a highly suitable workbench.

When lowering the table can be a nice coffee table.

This is WLIVE lift top coffee table!

                    Lift Top Coffee Table


1.How is the quality of the hydraulic rod? What is the bearing capacity after the tabletop is lifted, will it be crushed by putting heavy things?

Very good. The desktop rises very stable without shaking. Don't put too much weight on the table when you lift it, the load capacity is 25 pounds.


2.Where is the wood sourced from? What type of wood is it made from?

The body of the wood lift top coffee table is made of medium-density fibreboard,the legs are made of solid wood.


3.How high does the table rise?

When the table is fully raised, the height from the ground is 23.7 inch.




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