Makeup Vanity Table Set FAQs

Creating a chic personal styling zone for you

Enjoy every morning with this chic vanity table set by M&W, admire every angle of your face with the 360° rotating mirror, take out your cosmetics from the drawers and storage boxes, do a exquisite makeup for yourself and start your beautiful day!


Makeup Vanity Table Set

 1. Can this be set up without the mirror and the two posts that hold it up, so it is more like a desk?
Yes,the mirror part is removable.
As shown in the fifth picture of the product detail page, the makeup table could be used as a desk for a laptop or a study/writing table.

2.what are the dimensions of the vanity?
Overall Size of Table: 31.3""L x 15.7""W x 54.5""H
Size of Chair: 15.9""L x 12""W x 16.9""H
Size of Mirror: 19.7""H x 15.4""W"