Dual-Motor Power Lift Recliner Chair FAQs

DEVAISE Dual-Motor Power Lift Recliner Chair


Lift chair are a fantastic seating option for a wide variety of people, will upgrade your living decor for added comfort.

Dual-motor power lift recliner is perfect for the elderly with limited mobility, people who are recovering from surgeries, sports injuries, disabilities or just people who are large in stature.


For your health, consult your doctor before using this product.If you have pain in a muscle or joint after using for a prolonged period of time, discontinue using and consult your doctor, persistent pain could be symptom of a more serious condition.

                         Dual-Motor Power Lift Recliner Chair

1.What tools are needed for the assembly of this dual-motor power lift recliner chair ?

No tools are needed. This dual-motor power lift recliner chair is very easy to install.

2.Does this chair how to tilt?

This power lift chair with dual motor, with 2 independent motors, the infinite position lift chair allows you to adjust the backrest and footrest separately to any customized position you want.

3.What is the difference between dual-motor and single-motor of this lift recliner chair?

About this lift recliner chair, the single-motor style only has 2 or 3 position and the dual-motor style has infinite position.