10 Cutest Ideas We've Seen for Girls' College Rooms

You probably aren't giving much thought to the fact that your college dorm is going to seem really basic and boring since you're just so excited about moving in. As an aside, the little amount of space you have to work with is problematic enough without adding in the fact that you have to split it with someone else.

We're not going to let you spend four years of college in a drab dorm room, despite the fact that the quarters are cramped and the decor is minimal. No matter how little natural light you have, how chilly the stone walls seem, or how uninteresting the furnishings, with a little creativity you can make your designated living area into a trendy home.

Here are 10 ways to turn your unfinished college apartment into a work of art. This is a warning: your dorm will soon become the most popular on your floor


1. Embellish the Wall above Your Bed with a Decal

This is such a great way to make your dorm room seem more like home and a lot more like you, so I highly recommend it as a dorm room decorating tip for ladies.

Every one of us has our own special set of words and phrases that, when encountered, make us feel a bit more buoyant. Having that sentence on your wall in the dorm would be quite sweet, wouldn't it? To this they enthusiastically responded, "That is really cool!" This is a fantastic college apartment suggestion, and Amazon provides a wide variety of affordable quotation possibilities.

2.Just Slide a Futon under One of the Beds

This plan, along with the following one, is meant to provide you ideas for making use of the extra room you'll get by lofting your bed.

One possibility is to slide a futon below a bed. It was a godsend for my freshman year roommate and me when we did this.

We didn't have to pack our visitors into one of our beds, and everyone had their own spot to relax and watch television. I will always tell incoming female college freshmen that this is the best idea they could have for their dorm rooms.

3.Put Your Workstation and Drawers Below Your Bunk Bed

This is a great option for a girl's dorm room if a futon and TV space beneath the lofted bed isn't your thing.

Having a place to put a desk and some dressers below your bed makes for a fantastic study nook. The best part is that you can go straight to sleep after doing your homework! Look at all that productivity!


White 5-Drawer Wood Storage Dresser Cabinet with Wheels


4.Location of a Dressing Table Between the Beds

Every photo of a college dorm room that you look at on Pinterest will have a dresser in it. You should totally steal this concept since it will make your dorm room appear more sophisticated than any five-star hotel.

As another fantastic item to keep an eye out for in FB Resale Groups, a dresser is typically sold at a low price as incoming freshmen want to unload them before summer.

7-Drawer Wood Storage Dresser Cabinet with Wheels 

5. Give a Plant a Home (or Two)

Plants are the single best way to instantly elevate the decor of any room. Even with the tiniest bit of attention and care, low-light, indoor-friendly plant species like the snake plant that you see here will survive. But if you know for sure that you can't trust your instincts when it comes to caring for plants, you may choose for fake vegetation that seems natural but never has to be watered.

6.Create the Atmosphere You Want With a Collage Wall

Create the atmosphere of your wildest imagination in the portion of a shared dorm room that is yours by hanging a stunning collage on the wall. Collage kits such as this one from Tezza comprise 75 images and text-based designs that are produced on 8x10 matte quality paper. These patterns may then be applied directly to your wall once they have been adhered to the paper. The mix of sophisticated creams and beiges would look great in any college dorm room, as it was inspired by a neutral-chic color scheme with pictures that range from flat lays to landscapes to Tezza's own works. Through the link provided below, you can shop for this kit in addition to other one-of-a-kind designs created by Tezza.


7.Improve Your Current Lighting Fixture

Using this do-it-yourself lighting hack from stylist Jenny Reimold, you can immediately give your dorm room a sophisticated flair. After you have attached a remote-controlled puck light to the hardware inside a seagrass pendant by means of hook-and-loop tape, you can finish the pendant by tying white rubber-coated electrical wire around it and suspending it from a brass screw hook (twine and removable hooks would also work). This simple do-it-yourself lighting project will transform your space from a plain college dorm room into a chic retreat in under ten minutes.


8.Organize, Stylishly

Make use of this hook rack in the form of an accordion to store your keys, bag, and headwear in a space that is both attractive and easily accessible. Put it up at the entrance to give the impression of an entryway and give yourself time to get what you need before heading out to class. Mango wood was used in its construction, and customers may choose between two finishes.

9.Improve Your Nightstands

It's crucial to choose fashionable and practical pieces of furniture for a tiny dorm room where every square inch counts. This 7-drawer unit by Devaise was selected by stylist Jenny Reimold as a replacement for the standard square cubby system seen in many dormitories. Socks, underwear, folded up shirts, pants, and even a tablet computer will fit comfortably within.

7-Drawer Wood Storage Dresser Cabinet with Wheels

10.Hang your clothes on a rack

The standard college dorm room furnishing is an armoire. Bring an alternative method of storing clothing, footwear, and accessories if that doesn't cut it for your rapidly expanding wardrobe. You may hang several garments on a rolling garment rack, and its shelf can accommodate small items.


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