Freshen Up Your Home with Palette of Spring

The dreary climate is ready to pass, which heralds spring. Psychologists have stated that the palette of your surroundings could profoundly influence your daily moods and attitudes, specifically while you’re interior for lengthy intervals of time. Why not transform your home and shift your moods earlier than spring formally sprung? If you are now seeking out a colour scheme for 2022 home decor, right here are a few inspirations to select from.


Radiant Yellow Hue

The first shade that comes to my mind is the radiant yellow, whether applied to walls or in detailed decorations, which can give your interior space an instant uplift. Radiant yellow hues will undoubtedly infuse a room with abundant vitality, especially in a space that has already set a base tone with neutral tones. Consider wallpapering the TV setting wall in citrus, spreading a cream-yellow rug or just displaying some ornament and artworks. Blend everything together in a natural and unobtrusive way without making it seem like you're in a field of sunflowers.



Colors such as blue and green, regardless of the style, are always good choices for many spaces since they remind you of the ocean and the forest. Both of them can be applied on an accent wall as a background or a pop of embellishments such as pillows or rugs.


Earthy Greens

When it comes to spring, shades of green are arguably one of the most conservative ways to bring us back to nature, evoking the peaceful days of afternoon picnics in the park and hikes in the woods.

Paint a sage green or forest green backdrop in your living room or bedroom to create a subdued atmosphere without being too monochromatic so that you are bathed in comfort at all times. 

Another simpler and cost-effective way to bring nature indoors is to use potted greenery, cute succulents, and hanging vines to fill every nook and cranny of your room.


Navy Blue


Blue is a color that seems to suit every season and every decor style. It is a calming color that relieves stress and allows for deeper relaxation. The navy blue will not be excessive compared with other more saturated blues. 

Blue furniture and textiles are a cushy way to change the tone of your interior. A navy blue sofa or rug will add a touch of vigor to an eclectic living room. Just be sure to leave the ceiling white to create a clean contrast and prevent a feeling of being tied down.


Dusty Desert 


A neutral palette will never go out of style. However, if you want to break out of the rut, take a trip to the desert. I'm delighted the blush pink trend is shifting to earthy tones such as terracotta or dusty color. These shades are close to neutrals and are easier to invite warmth and incorporate into a space without making the whole interior too feminine or childish. Desert tones are a perfect choice when you want to add a little color, but don't want it to be obsoleted too soon.

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