Those 8 College Room Decor Concepts Every Guy Should Steal

There are a variety of ways in which these guy dorm room ideas may be altered (by changing things like color schemes and accent pieces like throw pillows) to fit a wide variety of spaces and personal preferences. Prepare for your fall semester in a dorm by compiling a packing list that includes some of the items we've suggested below.


1. T-Shirt Quilt

Sending in old t-shirts from summers spent at camp, in the classroom, on the field, or on family vacations is a common suggestion in support of Project Repat. They will make a quilt that is both a unique treasure and warm addition to any bedroom. In the world of the Grown and Flown, a Project Repat quilt is a must-have for every college dorm room.


2. Man Cave Under Your Bed

Everyone knows that dorm rooms are cramped. By elevating your sleeping arrangement, you may free up a ton of floor and wall space in your little dorm room. Several guys made "man caves" out of the space beneath their beds. Others place a nice chair and a video game system beneath there. However you decide to use the area under your lofted bed, it should be a relaxing place where you can go when you need some alone time


3. Add Shelves Below Your Bed

This is a wonderful layout for a guy's dorm room if you're short on closet space. Put your bed on a raised platform without totally lifting it.

Put some cube shelves beneath the bed for extra storage space. You may have enough space to slide your tiny fridge beneath the bed, too.

4. Put Up LED Strip Lights

College dorms have long made use of string lights. It's a great alternative to turning on the main lights because they look so cool and provide a subtler, more intimate glow.

These rope string lights are a great alternative to traditional fairy lights if you're not into that style. They are available in a wide range of hues and provide a far less girly alternative to conventional twinkling lights.

If you want to go for it, I discovered some crazy awesome neon rope lights that you can synchronize with your music. They're more expensive, for sure, but they'd be worth it in a college apartment.


5. Always Have a First Aid Kit on Hand

Nothing screams "I'm ready for anything" better than a first aid kit, and it's a good idea to have one on hand at all times. Small enough to fit in a desk drawer, yet large enough to store 299 band-aids and other first aid essentials in case of an emergency.

If I were to keep this equipment anywhere, it would be in a frequented spot. This is a great college dorm room concept since security is paramount.

First Aid Only 57 Piece 10 Person First Aid Kit


6. Never Enough Power Outlets

There never seem to be enough electrical outlets in college dorm rooms.
Therefore, our next suggestion for males living in a dorm room is a reminder to buy your power outlets in advance, based on how many you believe you will need. Should you think about bringing an electric fan to school if you live in a very warm climate? I recommend making a list of all the devices that will require electrical outlets and then shopping accordingly.

You can never have too many power outlets, so I'm glad this Amazon product is sold in pairs. This plug is ideal for plugging in your Nintendo GameCube or another music player to a reliable power supply.

2 Pack Surge Protector Power Strip with 6 Outlets 2 USB Ports 

7. Make a Space for Snacks

Having a shelf above your small fridge is a storage solution that is used very often in the dorm rooms of male students. This won't take up much space but will provide you with a ton of space for storing things like cutlery and snacks. Utilizing a little fridge caddy is just another fantastic suggestion. These are an exceptionally ingenious method to keep your culinary utensils and utensil trays in your dorm room, taking up almost little room at all in your room.

8. Organize the Space above Your Workstation

The space above a guy's desk in his dorm room is ideal for extra shelving or drawers. Storage space will never be enough, so this hutch is tailor-made for college workstations. You should check with your university housing office before purchasing a dorm desk hutch since some dormitories already have them installed.

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