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About us

Our company was established in April 2020. The internal professional team is composed of professional engineers and electric vehicle engineers. The purpose of developing in the local area is to provide the world with the latest and cutting-edge Chinese electric vehicle information. Starting from 2021, our company has also developed the export business of electric vehicles, serving Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries. Since our establishment, we have started to build cooperative relationships with automobile companies, auto suppliers, etc. Our company has many domestic and overseas auto-related resources.


Our Teams

Our production team is not only at the forefront of the industry in technology, but also pays more attention to expressing customers' products clearly and accurately. Most of us are from science. We have research in machinery, games, electronics, physics, and other disciplines. We can easily understand customers' ideas, so we can better express customers' intentions. We have our own professional 3D animation, architectural animation, virtual reality, and film shooting production team. We constantly innovate and improve the production level of three-dimensional animation, architectural animation, and virtual reality, and use cutting-edge three-dimensional animation technology and virtual reality technology to constantly meet the needs of customers for digital experience services.


Team Concept

The company adheres to the working principle of integrity, standardization, and efficiency wins the market with technology, gains a reputation with creative services, and wholeheartedly provides high-quality, efficient, and fast services for our customers. Facing the future and adhering to independent innovation.


Our service

  1. Friendly attitude, rigorous work style, humanized management, and service.
  2. Rigorous work, proficient in business, considerate service, warm to others.
  3. Wholehearted dedication and satisfaction of the masses.
  4. Customer first, attentive service.


Company Vision

To be a high-quality supply chain services company; Import and export, wholesale and retail trade of imported parallel cars and new energy cars of various brands, covering high, medium, and low-grade cars, to meet the needs of consumers at all levels. To provide customers with standardized and humanized vehicle trading services, we are looking for long-term partners and look forward to cooperating with you.


Our Aim

To become the best and most trusted review guide, export supplier, and latest news for Chinese electric cars.


Our huge passion for technology, Chinese electric cars, and owners' reviews and export of Chinese electric cars, takes us to all parts of the world and no matter if we’re on a race, testing in the desert, or traveling in different cities, we bring back new experiences and knowledge about Chinese electric cars. We have carefully curated reviews and information, make every passion about the product's quality, and make sure you know everything about Chinese electric cars. We love Chinese electric cars. We have many local resources and deep experience in car suppliers and product knowledge. we are sure we can offer the best option for any client no matter where you are from. When we test cars and review them, we do it with one rule in mind: tell the truth, never hide. We only recommend things we 100% love and can stand behind. And also we will make sure every client will get the good products that they need.

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