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Company Introduction

Jiangsu Hicreate Entertainment Co., LTD. Was established in 2015 as a boardgame and card game leading manufacturer, that specializes in the researching, developing manufacturing, and sales of all kinds of board games, card games, and relevant game components like pawns, miniature, and dice. We have our own design team and service team which can serve the customer worldwide. Our Philosophy is: to provide a one-stop service for a board game, making your creation come true. Our aim is to be the top board game maker in the world! Welcome to visit our company and establish a business relationship with our company.


Game Categories

Board games, card games, and game accessories. I highly recommend you try the board game!!! There are many board games, such as scythe board game, sleeping gods board game, king of tokyo board game, throw throw burrito, everdell board game, wingspan board game, top 5 simple and exciting board game, gloomhaven and hasbro risk.


Featured Products

Custom Kids Of Miniature For Board Game, wholesale custom tarot card price, classic playing poker card f or gambling card games, and so on. I want to introduce this game to you.

Custom Kids Of Miniature For Board Game

Short Description:

The 3d sample is charged according to the number of pieces, generally, we suggest our customers make one 3d sample for each model to save cost, the cost ranges from 50-100 USD.

Options for making samples:

There are two kinds of materials to choose from to do 3d samples, one is red wax, high precision, the samples made can reflect the details, and the basic restoration of the design draft, more expensive; one is white wax, which low precision, the samples made out of poor quality, high degree of detail, it is recommended to use in the design of simple models, the price is lower.

If the sample is confirmed to do white wax material, after confirming the order, the mold factory will still do the red wax sample to open the mold, so the quality of the big goods will be better than the sample quality.

The production cycle of the miniature:

The time to make 3d samples varies from 5-20 days, depending on the complexity of the model, the number, and whether to copy PU samples.

Once the molds are ready, we need about 7-10 days to make the large sample. This time includes shipping the molds back to the factory, debugging the equipment, and making large samples.


A company with dreams will never be satisfied with being flat, let alone stand still. In the process of realizing their dreams, enterprises not only need to have continuous power for development but also are inseparable from continuous self-breakthrough and transformation. In order to realize the company's dream and promote the transformation of the company from manufacturing to independent design, Hicreate has set up an original design team in the name of "Hicreate Board Game Club" to start facing the domestic market and actively carry out industry research. Hicreate is determined to build well-known original board game brand at home and abroad, based on the use of board games, it is adhered to building a new social model, assuming the mission of spreading excellent culture, and promoting more original products with Chinese culture and ideas characteristics using inexhaustible creativity and professional technology. All in all, these are well-known science and technology websites. Do you like any of the above websites?

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