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About Us

Chitusyteams is a professional 3D printer supplier, providing many products, such as boards, LCD screens, accessories ( LCD protector film, fep, nfep, resin flexible plates, resin filter cup, uv light source, curing box, resin vat/tank, and tft touch screen), conjure resin, upgrade kit and support. The team consists of hundreds of professionals. Our company integrates R & D, development, and sales, and has a complete supply chain. The company adheres to the 3D printing industry, pays great energy for the development and growth of the whole industry, and also better improves the supply level of the whole industry.


Our team

They are a real team.

They made a joint commitment and shared responsibility. They share information, ideas, and ideas together and make decisions together to help each member work better. They not only focus on their personal goals but also pay attention to the value-added effect brought by multiple members working together.

They made joint contributions.

They focus on a goal that every member can be convinced of. They face common challenges, cooperate with each other, and share the fruits of their work equally.

They are passionate, energetic, idealistic, and ambitious

They are a group of people who have ideas, want to develop, and have the courage to practice.

They are full of passion but rich in details; They have boundless vitality and can also stand loneliness; They have ideals, not fantasies; Ambitious, but not impetuous; They have unlimited creativity and refuse mediocrity.

They are happy

Here, they complement each other's strengths and don't have to worry that the implementation of their ideas is limited to their own capabilities; Here, each of their ideas will get relevant opinions from the team and eventually become perfect; Here, they are together, not aloof, but only friends; Here, their work is recognized and their efforts will be rewarded.

Here they are living! So why not be happy?


Our Special

Chitu Systems “focuses on creating value”, and is committed to providing professional and stable technical solutions for customers to create higher value!

The monochrome LCD screen has a better lifespan compared to the RGB screen, and the printing speed can be 3x too. We sell original replacement LCD screens for many printers.

The Conjure series functional resin is coming!

We cooperate with JAMG HE which is one of the biggest manufacturers here, after a long time of research, we are ready to bring you the higher quality resin.


Contact Info

Address: 3rd Floor, Block 2, Zhongcheng Future Industrial Park, Hangcheng Avenue, Bao'an District, Shenzhen 518128

Phone: 0755-23103569

Enterprise Client Department:

Working Days: Monday-Friday: 9:00 AM~ 18:00 PM


Our Aim

Provide you with the best printing system and service.

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