10 Best Industrial Floor Lamps for Your Home at Every Budget

A decent floor lamp can completely change the look of a room. It not only adds light and ambiance, but it can also serve as an accent piece by tying the living space together. Style is also of great significance in addition to functionality. A floor lamp is a furniture piece that should complement the aesthetic of the room while also elevating the rest of your decor.


If you’re looking for the best industrial floor lamp to create a more elegant home, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve spent hours compiling a list below to speed up your process of designing your perfect industrial room.


  1. Leonlite Industrial Floor Lamp$89.99


With its brown tinted glass lampshades and tiered design, the vintage-inspired LEONLITE Industrial Floor Lamp will fulfill your retro dreams. To amp up the retro vibes, even more, the lamp comes with three filament light bulbs that can emit a warm, moody light. The lamp also has a handy step-on switch for simple control.



  1. Lumens Z-Bar Gen 3 Floor Lamp$396

Lumens’ Z-Bar Gen 3 Floor Lamp is one of the more versatile and adaptable lamps just right for your reading nook. The cool modern minimalist design makes it unobtrusive but elegant, so it’ll fit in almost any room. Additionally, you can swivel the bar to cut glare, shine directly in one spot, or illuminate the room. You can adjust the neck so if a person is in bed next to you, the light won't bother them. If you need to light up the whole room, just swivel it upside down. If you want a night light, dim it, because it works great for that too.




  1. Henn&HartDescartes Wide Brim Floor Lamp $137


This floor lamp may be a good fit if the overall ambiance of your room is dark or if you like industrial chic in general. The pulleys are hard plastic. The rest of the lamp including the shade is metal, so the construction is solid; there will be no wobbling here.

The unique gear design is its main attraction, but reviewers also appreciated its adjustability and strong directional lighting. It may not illuminate the entire room, but it can serve as a useful auxiliary lamp.




  1. Rejuvenation Bruno Floor Lamp$379


With its clean geometric lines and industrial black finish, the Bruno Floor Lamp from Rejuvenation elevates it from "just another lamp" to a luxe statement piece. The gold accents add a sophisticated touch, and the adjustable shade ensures that it is as functional as it is beautiful. It's ideal for illuminating dark corners and creating a reading nook. Furthermore, the small base and five-foot cord allow it to be placed in small or inconvenient areas without the use of an extension cord.




  1. West Elm Industrial Shelf Floor Lamp


This West Elm industrial-style lamp not only illuminates your space but also functions as a side table, allowing you to rest your cup of tea while reading on the couch. In addition, the lamp's solid mango wood is sourced sustainably, and the entire product is made in a Fair Trade-certified facility. It also works well in a smaller space where a table and a lamp would take up too much space. Compared with other transparent glass lampshades, the fabric lampshade filters the strong light into soft natural light, which helps to protect your eyes from the direct radiation and damage of the strong light.




  1. Schoolhouse Studio Floor Lamp


Look no further than the Schoolhouse's iconic Studio Floor Lamp for a lamp that can stylishly play the angles of light. It has an industrial look in black, yellow, or white, which blends well with contemporary interior design styles or provides a great contrast to a modern farmhouse space.   Thanks to its slim design, it won't stand out even in tight corners or next to your bed. Handcrafted in Portland from high-quality materials, it will last for years to come.




  1. Lakumu Industrial Floor Lamp


Although not as bright as those seen outside lining a park, these lamps have a similar appearance. This lamp is made entirely of high-quality black metal with an antique finish. It also comes with three unshaded Edison LED light bulbs that give off a warm but not overpowering glow. The multi-head design softens the harsh brightness of traditional fixtures. Under the light of this tall floor lamp, you can fully appreciate the relaxing atmosphere.

This Lakumu floor lamp has a great industrial design that will complement most interior spaces. It looks great in the living room, bedroom, or home office. Although it works best in industrial decor, those with modern or vintage home designs may find these floor lamps effective as well.




  1. Addlon Floor Lamp $69


This lamp stands out because it can be used in any setting, from industrial chic to mid-century modern. It's inexpensive, and it comes with an LED Edison bulb that completes the industrial look. It's also available in a variety of finishes to match any decor and has a glass shade that lets the bulb shine through. This is an excellent choice for creating a cozy reading nook or as a floor lamp to help illuminate your home office. It's a great value and very practical at well under $100.


  1. Townshend Floor Lamp


With its dark steel base, timber arms, and exposed globes, the Townshend Floor Lamp perfectly embodies the industrial trend. Its modern, traditional appearance is sure to turn heads, and it's the ideal way to add some character and warm, relaxing light to your favorite space.



  1. Kira Home Sulis 58" Modern Industrial Tripod LED Floor Lamp


Look no further if you're looking for the perfect statement lamp for your room. Enjoy the vintage look without having to pay the vintage price for this floor lamp. The tripod lamp has a satellite-like shade with a golden lining, and its legs are beautifully wrapped in faux leather.

The lamp is 58 inches tall and comes with an 11-foot cord for your convenience. This lamp is compatible with dimmers, light switch panels, timers, and smart plugs for added versatility. Customers have said that this lamp was the perfect finishing touch to their room. They boast about their durability and high-quality features.



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