10 Chic Mid Century Modern Bed Frames for Your Bedroom

Redesigning your bedroom in the Mid Century Modern style shouldn't be as expensive as purchasing a subcompact vehicle. Rather than doing that, you should invest your money in something that will have the most significant influence, such as the bed frame. And the bed frame you choose shouldn't cost you thousands of dollars either, which is why we've compiled a list of 15 of our favorite Mid Century Modern bed frames that are all available for less than $2,000 each. Combine them with some mid-century modern bedding and nightstands to complete the look of the bedroom of your dreams.


1. Alice Solid Wood Bed

This bed frame is crafted from solid Sheesham wood, and its clean lines and tapering legs are reminiscent of mid-century furniture styles. The headboard has a three-dimensional paneled design that draws attention to the intricate natural grain diversity of the wood, and the slat kit that is included in the purchase makes a box spring superfluous.

Alice Solid Wood Bed





2. Chamelee Bed

This queen-sized panel bed in the style of Madagascar has a low platform design and a free-form element that was skillfully built into the headboard using a beautiful joinery technique called butterfly joinery. The style is finished off with solid steel legs that have been powder-painted black.

Chamelee Bed



3. Vesta Storage Bed

Both are included with this bed. The tapering legs give the bed a bit of a mid-century glam vibe, and the solid and produced wood frame produces classic, clean lines that look wonderful in any bedroom. The headboard extends to meet two nightstands that can be detached and each has floating shelves, which further contribute to the contemporary appearance of the bed. The most exciting part? You may access the concealed drawer under the top shelf by pulling out the shelf. Because you and your mattress will be supported by the slatted construction while you sleep, there is no need for a box spring. 8.25 inches of space is available beneath the mattress.

Vesta Storage Bed



4. Radcliff Bed

The bed is made from rubber wood and has a warm walnut finish. It also features conical legs that are spread apart. Each component of the bed, including the headboard, footboard, and striped accents, as well as the differences in the wood grain, are one-of-a-kind. This design allows your queen-size mattress to be supported without the need for a box spring by using a system of slats in conjunction with central support legs. As a result, you will have one less item to be concerned about. There is a clearance of 5.6 inches beneath the bed.


Radcliff Bed




5. Morgan Hill Platform Bed

The bed you choose is not only the focal point of a master suite or guest bedroom but also a crucial component in establishing the design and functionality of your relaxing refuge. After all, you will be spending the majority of your time in it. Ideal for adding a bit of rustic charm subtly. You won't even need a box spring since the slat kit that comes with this bed eliminates the need for one; just place your mattress on top of the frame.


Morgan Hill Platform Bed




6. Davari Solid Wood Platform Bed

The bed frame is the ideal place to curl up, as well as provides the fashionable appearance necessary to do so in fashion. This item is ideal for bringing a modern appearance that is inspired by the mid-20th century into your bedroom because of its streamlined form, which is combined with a color combination and a particular pattern on the headboard. Your mattress will rest at a convenient height on this sturdy wooden platform bed, which is crafted from solid wood and has a headboard with an adjustable height.

Davari Solid Wood Platform Bed
Crafted from long-lasting solid wood, this bed frame, and headboard set is made of high-quality solid wood, which contributes to its stability, durability, and high load capacity. This helps to ensure that it will last for many years.

Without the need for a box spring, this bed frame comes in Queen size and is made of long-lasting wood slats that provide support for the mattress. This may help your mattress last longer. Compatible with any types of mattresses.
It comes with all of the necessary accessories and instructions, it is simple and quick to put together, and it won't take you more than an hour to put it together.




7. Boynton Platform Bed

This bed frame has clean lines, giving it a contemporary and mid-century look that would look great in any bedroom. The strong and produced wood frame gives the appearance of understated sophistication without competing with the furnishings you already have. Because the back is completed, you have the flexibility to position this bed wherever inside the room. Because it comes with a slat kit that is built with solid pine wood, it eliminates the need for a box spring. The weight of up to 800 pounds may be supported by this frame. Upon arrival, you will need to finish the assembly.


Boynton Platform Bed




8. Dryden Platform Bed

This bed has a vintage look that will bring a new vibe into your bedroom. The bed was crafted with a low platform that was placed on top of angled, tapered legs, and it exemplifies all of the trademarks of fashionable mid-century modern design. The headboard's curving corners and intricate inset design demonstrate the high level of workmanship present in the piece. Built from solid wood, it flaunts a luxurious walnut brown finish that lends a feeling of coziness to any color scheme. This bed was manufactured in Malaysia and will need to be assembled before use.

Dryden Platform Bed




9. Midtown Concept Kansas Mid-Century Platform Bed with Headboard

The Midtown Concept Kansas Mid-Century Platform Bed with Headboard has a straightforward look that makes it simple to match it with the furniture in your bedroom that is already there. The slatted structure of this platform bed eliminates the need for a box spring as it raises your mattress to a height that is more low-profile. Because it is made of engineered wood of superior quality, it will stand up well over time. Your choice of one of the various treatments allows the natural pattern of the wood to be seen. The modern design is finished off with a headboard that is simple and rectangular, and feet that are slim and tapered.
Midtown Concept Kansas Mid-Century Platform Bed with Headboard
An important remark about wood composites or manufactured wood This type of wood composite, which is often referred to as "MDF," which stands for "medium density fiberboard," is made of compressed wood fibers and has several advantages, including the ability to be purchased at a reasonable price, maintaining its consistency, and being resistant to warping or rotting over time.




10. Weston Home Ulfric Mid-Century Platform Bed

The Weston Home Ulfric Mid-Century Platform Bed provides a classic appearance that is the finishing touch on any mid-century contemporary design. Matching is simplified owing to a classic wood grain finish and an intentionally unobtrusive style. A headboard that is simple and uncluttered serves as an accent to the item without attracting undue focus to it. Every single night, this time-honored item will provide you with the stability and support you want thanks to its time-tested construction using rubberwood, which is very strong.


Weston Home Ulfric Mid-Century Platform Bed




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