10 of Austin's Best Furniture Stores for a New Home

Are you a newcomer to Austin or are you considering making the move here? The city that bills itself as the "live music capital of the world" certainly has a lot going for it. Austin is pleased to have you, whether you came for a change of lifestyle or a modification to your professional life. There is a large number of specialty stores as well as major stores that sell furniture from a variety of historical periods. Whether you're a fan of mid-century contemporary, vintage furniture, or minimalistic design, this informative guide will point you in the direction of some of the most impressive furniture businesses in Austin.


1. Austin's Couch Potatoes Furniture 

Couch potatoes is a hundred percent locally developed game starting from the ground up. There is not a single other furniture business in Austin that operates in the same manner as they do. They also make an effort to source from local locations since they are aware that when they purchase from local businesses, the tax money remains in the community where it was spent.


They collaborate with the Texas Transitional Center, which is a network of regional reentry centers meant to offer a structured, supervised environment to assist formerly incarcerated individuals in successfully reintegrating themselves into society. They hold the belief that if you are alive and breathing, you must have a mission in this world. It's possible that they were never given the chance to learn a talent, so now they're doing their best to offer others that chance.


There are a good number of our workers that include their families in the company, and we encourage them to find employment here. During the epidemic, a great number of individuals lost their jobs and began searching for new employment. There was a time when we had employees spanning four generations working in our businesses, which contributed to an atmosphere that was encouraging and safe for workers.




2. The Khazana

The Khazana is a furniture business in Austin, Texas that is owned and operated by a family. We have a large variety of unique home furnishings, including one-of-a-kind pieces, pieces with a transitional or shabby chic aesthetic, as well as eco-friendly pieces, all of which are crafted from sustainable wood resources sourced from all over the globe. In our hunt for the original "makers" whose techniques have been handed down from generation to generation, we spend months at a time traveling across India, Pakistan, Tibet, Mongolia, and Morocco. In exchange, we become an extension of your house by delivering the highest quality service, ideas, and novelties that we can track down.




3. Havertys Furniture

When it comes to outfitting your house, don't settle. There is no better place to shop for fine furniture and get first-rate service than at Havertys Furniture Arbor Trails, Austin's number one furniture store. Whether you're looking for rustic, classic, mid-century modern, contemporary furniture, or anything else, you'll be able to find it here. Not sure which aesthetic best appeals to you? Browse through havertys' most recent inspiration posts to discover a new look you love!


Havertys provide everything you need to personalize your house, from complete furniture sets to stunning home décor. In our showroom, you'll fall in love with their furniture's professional craftsmanship and high-quality materials. Your furniture will endure a lifetime thanks to top-grain leather, soft performance textiles, and the best hardwoods.


When you visit Havertys, you can expect a one-of-a-kind experience. In the furniture shops, you'll discover a wide range of tools and resources to help you design the house of your dreams, such as the free H Design program. You may choose from a broad range of fabrics and other finishing choices to create a one-of-a-kind item via our customization program. Top-Drawer Delivery's full-service delivery and assembly relieve you of all the hassle.   Wehavertys also makes it simple to finish your house with customized financing and no-hassle installments.






4. Ethan Allen

Furniture and accessories of the highest quality, both inside and out, are available. There are many possibilities for personalization. Free interior design. Take a look at Ethan Allen: See for yourself the quality of our goods in person at one of our Design Centers. Customers will recognize us by the things that set us apart from the competition, whether they shop in a Design Center or online: their vision of American style, their commitment to making approximately 75% of the products in North American workshops, their innovative use of technology and personalized service, and their commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. An Ethan Allen designer will work with you to build a 3D room layout based on your ideas. You may work with their designers in person, online, or even in your house if you want.




5. Blu Dot

Since its founding in 1997.


On a large table in a 300-square-foot Minneapolis location, Blu Dot's earliest drawings were drawn on a communal roll of butcher paper. Three college friends—two architects and a sculptor—just daydreaming and conceptualizing their future projects. It all began with our fruitless hunt for attractive and reasonably priced contemporary house designs.


They wanted to reach as many people as possible with beautiful design, and that ambition hasn't changed. For more than two decades now, they've been fortunate enough to work in their Minneapolis studio, producing useful and beautiful items for people throughout the world. The only difference is that they are now joined by a group of like-minded, highly skilled designers (and a much longer table).


To support our design habit, they've established a company that allows them to be involved in every step of the process, from product creation to customer service. It's the way we create long-lasting items. Some of our most well-known designs from the initial collection are still among our most popular ones today. Despite our reservations, we're focused on establishing ourselves as an "icon."


For the second year in a row, the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award for 'Product Design' was given to Blu Dot.




6. Furniture Mall of Texas

Austin, Texas is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, and its Furniture Mall of Texas is situated in its north. The Live Music Capital of the World is located in Austin, Texas, the state's capital.


The Furniture Mall is unlike any other place you've ever been to shop for furniture. Buying furniture shouldn't be a chore; it should be a joy. Over 100,000 square feet of entertainment, food, and that Ohhh Yeah magic you must experience.


The layout of the shop is based on departments to make finding what you're looking for a breeze. The store's many departments may be found here: Austin Grown Mattress Headquarters, Support Report Austin Grown Boots Off Bedroom Furniture Loft Livin' Recliners Amish Gather 'Round Dining Room Furniture The Outlet.




7. Louis Shanks Furniture - Austin

Louis Shanks is a family business that has been in the furniture business for four generations. They do it every day. To be honest, this is the only thing they've ever done. Moreover, they've become rather adept at it. But choosing the correct furnishings for the clients isn't the only challenge. To put it another way, they're devoted to helping families fall in love with the places they call home. The correct furniture and home decor can transform any house, no matter how large or expensive it is. It's the stage on which all of life's significant events take place. The company's goal is to help clients create homes where they can spend quality time with their families and be true to themselves.


No one else is as uniquely equipped as Louis Shanks to perform what we do because of their offerings, our connection with consumers, and their four generations as a family-owned and run furnishings company.





8. Copenhagen Imports

Although the number of Copenhagen shops has increased, the company has remained family-owned and run for more than fifty years now. Erik Hansen's younger brother, Jorgen Hansen, and Erik's son, Jens Hansen, continue to administer our network of businesses, even though Erik Hansen died away in February of 2020. Our friend and coworker Lise, Erik's wife, is still very much a part of what we do. Despite his retirement, Tony Christensen is still an important member of the Copenhagen "family."


One thing has been consistent from Copenhagen's modest beginnings:


Design is a big part of who we are. The Copenhagen "collection" only includes things that are of high quality, value, and design. Everything we sell, regardless of price, is backed by our family's reputation and we stand by it.


It wasn't until March 1970 that the first Copenhagen Imports furniture store opened in Phoenix, Arizona, introducing the community to Danish Modern design. As a result of their love for beautiful design and their goal to have a positive influence on the arid Southwest, founders Tony Christensen and Erik Hansen decided to relocate to Phoenix.


"That stuff will never sell," Phoenix furniture business owners laughed at the two Danes' design proposals at the time. "They'll be gone in six months!" That stuff did sell, on the other hand! As a result of its success, Hansen and Christensen established other shops in Tempe, Tucson, and Scottsdale within a short period after its release. Copenhagen expanded into Texas as a result of its rapid expansion, building its first shops in El Paso, San Antonio, and then Austin.




9. Four Hands Home

Furniture, in our opinion, has virtually limitless potential for transforming a room. Creative experimentation takes us around the world, where we always look for that little something extra in every piece we create. In addition to designing and discovering new furniture, we are compelled to do so much more. Style is what we do at Four Hands.


The word "relentless" sums up our approach to design. We're always fiddling around here. We put our theories to the test. When we discover something we like, we look for methods to improve upon, reorganize, and reinvent it. Refined and traditional, yet being cutting edge and hip, are the results of this strategy. Inspiration and skill are combined to create a unique blend of textures that may be used to enhance a room. This is how we create the completed items you see here.


Relationships are more important to us than anything else. As a result, we freely disseminate knowledge, provide open and frank advice, and embrace the chance to assist others. Our showrooms and design-obsessed sales personnel are driven by the pursuit of this intimate creative connection. Nothing we do belongs to ourselves. At the heart of each of our works is a narrative about someone just like you.



10. World Interiors

We asked ourselves two questions amid the global financial crisis in 2008 that would ultimately lead to a transformation in the furniture industry for all time: how could we make affordable handmade solid wood furniture available to a larger consumer base, and how could we build this furniture using methods that were both sustainable and friendly to the environment?


The establishment of World Interiors in 2011 provided answers to these queries. World Interiors is a furniture firm that is situated in Austin, Texas, and is owned by locals. Today, World Interiors maintains its tradition of being an industry leader by consistently producing designs that establish new trends while also placing a focus on being environmentally responsible.


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