10 of the Unique Filing Cabinets

As in any workplace, there will inevitably be some clutter and trash. Bills, birth certificates, warranties, tax documents and returns, the title to your home, etc. still need to be put away safely, even as more and more of our lives move online. Discover the file system that best suits your requirements to keep your vital papers organized and simple to find, and prevent them from taking over your home. The greatest file cabinets, in contrast to the drab rectangles of the past, may be very fashionable additions to your home or office rather than eyesores.


Filing cabinets, even if they prioritize utility above form, are nonetheless helpful. While it may seem contradictory, setting apart this area may free up more room; thus, we recommend the following cabinets for making it simpler to set up an A-to-Z file system.


What criteria do we use to choose the top filing cabinets?

Do not mistake a filing cabinet for a place to store random papers; its purpose is to safeguard the kind of sensitive paperwork that allows us to enjoy life to the fullest. By storing film, they also make it possible to look back on precious moments. This implies that telling high-quality file cabinets from mediocre ones is crucial. Furthermore, the appearance of online storage is vastly different from that of physical storage. The number of drawers, durability of construction, mobility, resistance to fire, and aesthetics were all factors in the final verdict. We spent a lot of time researching and reading reviews before settling on the finest filing cabinets.


1. TOPSKY 3 Drawers Wood Mobile File Cabinet Fully Assembled Except Casters

This is the first time I've seen a printer-friendly cabinet that can fit UNDER a desk. I looked for a detailed solution to this query all over Amazon, but couldn't find one. To that end, I've decided to write this detailed review to address your concerns. Measuring photographs and visual aids were also included in my submission.


It's a Cubi Cubi Study Computer Desk in Rustic Brown, 47 Inches Long. Dimensions: 47" long x 23.6" wide x 29" high


The printer: Canon (L) 12, (H) 5.5


I refrained from using the wheels. The cupboard in my bedroom is situated on the carpet. Put 2 or 3 felt pads beneath the bottom right and left corners. This will elevate the unit just enough to prevent the bottom drawer from dragging on the carpet. (This makes it difficult to open.) Illustrations are available. To get my scissors out from beneath the filing cabinet, I removed the felt pads. You can't slant the cabinet sufficiently with the felt pads, so your printer will keep falling over. It's the perfect helper for opening the bottom drawer without any jerkiness.


NO, If you have all the drawers open or just the bottom one, it won't topple over. A picture of this is included.


Two 2" deep drawers up top, fully usable. I've included an illustration of what will fit in the allotted space. You may secure pills in pill bottles. ALL THREE DRAWERS LOCK WITH JUST ONE KEY. Make sure the drawers are completely closed by pushing them in.


The depth of the lowest drawer is 7.5 inches, allowing for full closure. I am not keeping any documents there, only packaging materials. Materials (labels, printer paper, tape, printer bags, bubble mailers, poly bags, and flat USPS boxes)


To protect your cabinet from printer scratches, use felt pads.


This cabinet is built to last. The result is polished and presentable. Not cheap. Just put the wheels on and it's ready to go! something I choose not to use


The item was protected from harm thanks to the superior wrapping.



2. Poppin Mobile Mini Sittable Stow Rolling File Cabinet

The powder-coated steel frame of the Sittable Stow File Cabinet supports 225 pounds. Includes a black seat cover with magnetic snaps. Both the inside and outside of each drawer have been painted. The handles are attached to the shipped cabinet and it is completely built. This file cabinet, designed by Poppin in New York City, is 15.75 inches wide, 20 inches deep, and 20.25 inches tall.


With one hanging file drawer suitable for letter and legal size files and one utility drawer with removable dividers. Every drawer in this cabinet is locked with a single lock, and there are two keys included in case one of them gets lost. All of the cabinet members may now relax in peace. Use mild soap, warm water, and a clean towel to disinfect and dry. Two locking and two free wheels (gray) keep anything from rolling away.


The environment in which you do your job, whether at home or an office, should promote efficiency and concentration. Ideally, your workplace would be a place of calm, order, and creativity. Poppin brings a sense of ease, efficiency, and focus to your life at home and in the office.





3. Calico Designs 3 Drawer Metal Rolling File Cabinet with Locking Drawers

This chic vertical filing cabinet has three secure drawers that lock. To maintain order in your workplace, you have two supply drawers (12.5" W x 16.5" D) at your disposal. Small clips and writing utensils may be kept in their respective sections on a sliding tray that can be found in the supply drawer as an added benefit. Both legal and letter-sized documents will fit in the file drawer. When opened, the file drawer won't topple over thanks to the caster at its base. Casters allow for easy movement, and the two front wheels may be locked for stability. Comes in your choice of Black, White, or Silver.


This chic vertical filing cabinet has three secure drawers that lock. To maintain order in your workplace, you have two supply drawers (12.5" W x 16.5" D) at your disposal. Small clips and writing utensils may be kept in their respective sections on a sliding tray that can be found in the supply drawer as an added benefit. Both legal and letter-sized documents will fit in the file drawer. When opened, the file drawer won't topple over thanks to the caster at its base. Casters allow for easy movement, and the two front wheels may be locked for stability. Comes in your choice of Black, White, or Silver.


Without the wheels, the cabinet is just 20.5" tall; with them, it's a full 22.5" It can be used both ways, but rolling it around is much handier. Two of the wheels feature a locking mechanism to prevent the cabinet from moving, they release with a simple click. The inside dimensions of the top 2 drawers are 12.5 inches wide, 17 inches long, and 2 inches deep. There's space for one ream of paper inside, and maybe even another. Each drawer has a detachable tray that fits snugly onto a track at the top. This tray slides to the rear and snaps firmly into place in the front using 2 little tabs. Leaving it in the center is OK; it won't get in the way of the drawer shutting, and it won't budge until you do. Its many pockets make it ideal for storing stationery essentials such as pencils, paper clips, elastics, and more. The cabinet's three drawers may be secured by a lock located in the upper right corner of the unit. Perfect for keeping prying eyes out, yet a determined robber may force his way in. The two keys are included.

As of this update (November 2015), I know that locking the top drawer does not ensure that the lower drawers are secure if even one or two of them are not closed all the way. Only the top one or two drawers are secured, but they remain open by about a quarter of an inch, which is useful. I included a picture that shows how the unit appears from the side when just the top drawer is secured.

The wheels can simply swivel and roll across the carpet with a moderate thickness. The additional wheel beneath the drawer's base allows for effortless gliding while opening the bottom drawer. The drawers glide effortlessly on their tracks and open with the slightest prod. Inside the bottom drawer, the rails are there for hanging file-type folders, with approximately .75 inch or so leeway over the top, so tabs don't get squeezed when you open and shut the drawer. Evidenced by: (Photos) There is a semi-permanent divider -a hard plastic insert- that snaps in anywhere you wish to position it: there are 8 sets of slots for it to snap into, spaced out at around 2-inch intervals, so you can custom fit the drawer into 2 parts. There are holes on the bottom of the drawer as well as the top, so the divider remains in place. The handles are smooth, contoured, and pleasant to hold. They do not protrude, they are recessed, giving this cabinet a sleek, appealing, beautiful aspect.

The sides and edges of this cabinet are smooth and slightly rounded, so if you unintentionally bump against it, it will not break flesh. (The Mom in me observes these things.) While the cabinet is smooth metal, the top is not: has a graded surface, and feels much like thick corduroy. There is a .25-inch high, half-inch broad lip around the borders, so pens won't roll off if put there. And if you do happen to spill your coffee, it stays on top where it belongs. (It might be difficult to remove the muck between the ridges, but it would be easier than cleaning the coffee out of your files.) There is ample room for a printer or fax machine on the flat surface, which measures 15.75 inches by 22 inches. Inside the elevated, sloping lip, the size is somewhat reduced, coming in at 14 by 20 inches with a hair to spare. My 14.5-inch wide printer is perched on this; its feet just touched the lip's corners, so it wouldn't lay flat. I used a thick piece of cardboard to prop up the printer, and now the feet rest securely on the lip with only a hair's breadth of clearance on each side. It fits the bill exactly! The joy I feel is beyond words.





4.Stockpile 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

This durable file cabinet has enough of storage, is visually beautiful, locks, and is useful. Starting with the packing, I was thrilled with this file cabinet. It's easy to tell which one I mean if they're posted out of sequence.


I expected a dent. You never know how Amazon will send hefty items. I wasn't concerned about dings upon opening the package. It's enclosed in thick, solid polystyrene (luckily the sort that doesn't go everywhere!) (1st photo is the view when the box is opened, 2nd shows the top part of the styrofoam piece, 3rd shows the filing cabinet in the box without the top styrofoam piece).


I had to transport this 50lb box to my second-floor workplace and wasn't sure how (I weigh 100lbs and am not very muscular). I ripped the cardboard box at the seam and a side without a seam to reach the file cabinet (4th photo). I was pleased to see a sturdy styrofoam bottom.


I removed the top plastic, leaned it forward with the bottom styrofoam still on so as not to damage the sides, then carried it upstairs. I lifted it out of the bottom styrofoam piece when I got to the top of my stairs (it's a snug fit but was removed by holding it between my legs as I lifted the cabinet up and out - no complaints about the snug fit, it's proper packaging) and there's some sturdy reinforcement thing in that piece (5th photo).


It looked awkward on the side of my desk in my office, so I moved it. Empty boxes glide easily on wooden floors. It still involves effort, but less than lifting it, and moving it beneath my desk didn't damage the floor (6th photo). Reposition it before filling it (make sure drawers won't hit anything when pushed out, etc.).


The associated keys lock the cabinet. Before unlocking it, I observed thin cardboard around the drawer openings - this was transported carefully. Photos:


Reviews notice the supply tray in photos 8 and 9. It doesn't glide along a rail, but you can pull it out and adjust it (or place it in a different drawer - it arrived in the second drawer, but I put it in the top drawer). I can live with this (or remove the tray). Masking tape was used on each side, and the residue was removed with soap and water.


In the top drawer (10th picture), a metal divider rattles when the drawers are opened and closed, but it should stop after I place stuff in them. I was worried about the placement when I went to raise it and it wouldn't come out, but I glanced at the underside of the drawer and noticed the divider is kept in place by zip ties that I can snip off to adjust (11th photo).


Letter-sized hanging files fit in the bottom drawer. I'm accustomed to seeing metal bar inserts on file cabinet drawers (or a metal divider bar), but this doesn't have any. Instead, the interior of the drawer slides in slightly, which suits hanging file folders (12th photo). The drawers slide well.


My floor isn't level, therefore the cabinet shook throughout my video. Without raising the cabinet, I located one of the legs that can level it. I could twist the leg I required with no effort (they're huge and have a form that makes it simple to locate and turn). As it struck the floor, I had to push harder to stop it, but that's usual. Stop swaying!


Overall, it's a terrific deal, high-quality, and functional. Due to the epidemic, I'll be working from home till January and needed something to arrange my office supplies. It helps me feel calmer knowing my office materials have a home and don't need to be in multiple plastic containers.


The "sturdy reinforcing item" I indicated is a box with wheels! Two have locks, two don't (13th photo). I nearly tossed them but heard something in the packing. Thanks! Unless you can lift it easily, installing the wheels requires two people. To prevent scratching the cabinet, place it on a rug or soft surface. I put it together before realizing the wheels were optional.






5.Sauder Palladia File Cabinet

This Palladia® collection lateral file will add a touch of class and structure to your office. Beautiful full extension slides allow for easy opening and closing of both drawers in this two-drawer filing cabinet. Maintain order and cleanliness with the help of hanging files, as each drawer may hold documents in letter, legal, or European sizes. For further security, just one drawer may open at a time thanks to a proprietary, interlocking safety system. All your prized possessions, from a trendy accent lamp and trophies to potted plants and colorful vases, can fit comfortably on its broad tabletop surface. It's a great decorative addition for your workplace, living room, or anywhere else in the house.


We highly recommend Sauder because of their superior product presentation, component labeling, easy-to-follow instructions, and high-quality construction. I'm delighted to report that the superb quality of the Sauder ready-to-assemble parts I purchased more than 20 years ago persists. Although the box came in a bit of a shambles, everything inside was safe and sound thanks to the protective borders Sauder had added to the box and the padding within. All of the pieces had labels that corresponded with the manual. All the various screws and connections have already been sorted, packaged, and labeled, and there are photos of the screws at actual size next to each step in the instructions so that you always use the proper ones.


The assembly was simple and needed just screwdrivers, a hammer, some patience, an open area to work in, and a couple of hours of our time. Every part and connection works flawlessly with every other part and connection. It's possible that one "handy" person could put it together, but I appreciated having my girlfriend there to assist me line up the pieces, turn the screws, and stay on course. If you have never put together a ready-to-assemble item before or are not skilled with a screwdriver, you may want to enlist the aid of a more seasoned companion.


The completed cabinet is well made and an attractive addition to our home office. The complementary Sauder Palladia L-shaped desk is currently in the works. That's a fact, as we are well aware.





6.Martin Furniture Huntington Oxford 2 Drawer File Cabinet

The transitional style of the Huntington Oxford office series is complemented by its construction from hardwood solids and veneers. It may be purchased with either an oak veneer or a burnished brown veneer for a different look. Various forms of hand distressing, such as rasping, wear sanding, dry brushing, and pin holes, are used into the finish of the Huntington Oxford line to provide texture and depth. The result is the particular, time-worn look of high-quality furniture that has weathered the test of time. A multi-step, hand-rubbed finish emphasizes the wood's inherent grain and beauty. Dentil and vertical fluting both contribute to the architectural charm. The top drawer of this locking file cabinet is large enough to hold letter or legal-sized files.





7.DEVAISE 2-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet with Lock

Cute and white and contemporary. I pulled this into a closet to use as additional shelving for file cabinets. This is an exceptionally attractive piece of furniture. I didn’t imagine it would be that solid and well looking. It also comes with a set of two keys. I believe it’s a good idea to lock away your additional checkbooks and financial paperwork while you are on vacation. I expected it would be smaller but it’s regular size but not too big. They create one that is just 9 inches broad. I should have gotten it instead, but I like what I have. I rolled it up and stashed it away in a deep basement closet, where I'm sure I'll eventually find use for it as a filing cabinet or storage bin for various items. The tiny 9-inch model is appealing to me. If I ever needed another, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase this product again. Since it's white, it's a versatile color that works well in a variety of settings. I adore the fact that it has wheels. If you don't want to wear them, you'd better pay attention.




8.Bush Furniture 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

The Key West 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet by Bush Furniture is an excellent choice for homes with a coastal or farmhouse aesthetic. To facilitate access to legal and letter size papers, each of the file drawers include full-extension ball bearing slides. A distinctive X pattern accent on the drawer panels gives a casual appearance backed by a solid and elegant post leg construction. This 30W x 20D x 30H lateral file cabinet fits the height of any Key West Desk (available separately) to offer an expanded work area when placed side by side. Choose from a selection of casual finish choices to achieve the ideal appearance for your home. The Key West Collection provides a broad choice of farmhouse furniture that makes assembling a full home office or living room ensemble a snap.





9.Bush Furniture Salinas 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

Invest in a storage solution for your home office that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. With its ornate wood accents, tapering legs, and curved base rails reminiscent of Mission design, the Bush Furniture Salinas 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet will add a touch of relaxed elegance to your home office. The two file drawers are spacious enough to hold letter, legal, or A4-sized documents, and they open on full-extension ball bearing slides for easy access to the rear of the drawers. When used in conjunction with the Salinas 60W L Shaped Desk with Storage (sold separately), the file cabinet and desk may be used as one large workstation. This file organizer has a rustic feel and comes in seven different finishes to match your decor, with gorgeous Tumbled Pewter drawer knobs.





10.Space Solutions 18 Inch Wide Metal Mobile Organizer File Cabinet for Office Supplies

The 3 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet from Space Solutions is an excellent way to store and protect your most important files while also providing you with convenient mobility. The cabinet is tiny enough to fit in a home office and practical enough to store files in. Large compartments and a revolutionary gliding suspension system make it simple to store and move files. The four wheels make it easy to transport the files wherever they are required, and they may be locked in place for safekeeping. The two upper drawers are protected by a built-in cam lock to keep your private papers from falling into the wrong hands. The drawers may be opened to a convenient 3/4 of their full length. The cabinet has 2 big drawers and 1 smaller pencil drawer for a total of 3 drawers, and it is designed to store letter-size hanging files, making it ideal for organizing tax and legal information. The Space Solutions 3 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet is the perfect solution for storing and protecting critical papers in tiny businesses and homes.





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