8 Best Furniture Stores in Little Rock

Don't restrict your options by shopping at a substandard furniture store. Home furniture may affect the appearance and usefulness of any area in your house. Check out these incredible furniture shops in Little Rock, Arkansas instead.

1. Ken Rash's Arkansas

In 1970, Ken Rash established his casual furnishings firm in Memphis. His daughter, Lawrie, began working in the business at 14, following in his footsteps. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design from the University of Memphis in 1984. She then gained expertise with a design business in west Florida, creating the interiors of yachts and mansions and doing commercial work.

Lawrie's father gave her an excellent chance to launch a business in Little Rock in 1991. And since its opening in 1992, the Little Rock site has developed an excellent reputation for honesty and integrity while offering a large assortment of distinctive, high-quality furniture.

Since opening her business, Lawrie has participated in every Symphony Designer House and Build for the Cure Idea House, showcasing her store and ability. In addition, she and her team have created a family of loyal customers and friends who come year after year, whether to update and refresh or to start again in a new house.

Whitney Edwards, the daughter of Lawrie, began working in the family company as a teenager. Even while living out of town, she participated in market trips and the purchasing process. Whitney earned a bachelor's degree from Lyon College and a master's degree from Boston University. She has a marketing and interior design background and worked in our Memphis location before relocating permanently to Little Rock. In addition to assisting with purchasing, Whitney oversees our social media and is our showroom manager.

The Ken Rash team takes satisfaction in supplying clients with sturdy and long-lasting items since families spend more time at home and pay more attention to spending their money wisely. And particularly in Arkansas, where outdoor living and entertainment are standard throughout the year, Ken Rash has become the go-to option for furnishing both indoor and outdoor areas fashionably. Casual furniture for a relaxed lifestyle.

Website: https://www.kenrashsoutdoorfurniture.com/


2. Hank's & More Fine Furniture

Hank's Fine Furniture, founded by Hank Browne in 1975, has expanded to 18 locations across four states and is one of the Top 100 Independent Furniture Retailers in the United States. From the beginning, Hank's Fine Furniture's success has been based on providing affordable, high-quality furniture, bedding, and accessories. Hank's Fine Furniture has flourished as a family-owned company due to our commitment to service beyond the sale. You, the consumer, have been the most vital aspect of our company for almost four decades.

Website: https://hanksfurniture.com/


3. Art of Design | Sha Davari

Art of Design recognizes the importance of spending your money in a manner that adds value to your house and increases your pleasure in the area. With over two decades of experience assisting people in discovering their particular style, the Art of Design is well-versed in this concept. For customers working on furniture projects, we provide a complimentary design service. They can assist you with projects as simple as a paint consultation and as significant as a house renovation or new construction. They anticipate collaborating with you to provide the ideal setting for you to carry out your life's tale.

Website: https://www.shadavari.com/


4. Consign Design of Little Rock

ConsignDesign was founded because its founder, Steve Hobbs, saw an unmet need in the community. While aiding his wife Julie (an interior designer with over 20 years of experience), he realized the need for an elegant store where her customers could sell unwanted goods reasonably. ConsignDesign began at a 1500-square-foot location (open three days weekly) on Highway 10 west of Little Rock. This facility enabled him to do a proof-of-concept to ensure the business model was feasible.


Within three months, the space was completely occupied, and he had three substantial storage containers with products awaiting placement in the shop. I immediately saw that a high-end furniture business was much required in this neighbourhood.


In March 2015, he discovered our present location. He had some reservations about the location (he doubted that customers would be able to locate us off Maumelle Boulevard) and was sure he would never need 7,000 square feet. Today, they have grown to 11,000 square feet, and we have maintained them stocked with incredible goods.


In addition, he has been gifted with an exceptional staff that cares about the company as much as I do. Together, they have created a shop where clients may discover several unusual goods (from original works by local artists to high-end furniture pieces). They have over 2,500 consignors and over 24,000 products in stock.


Website: https://www.consigndesignlr.com/


5. Providence Design

Sisters and business partners Mona and Talena are also great friends. Their approach combines traditional design with subtle contemporary and European influences and significant architectural aspects. They see it as a representation of the past that is cleaner and more modern.


As antique merchants and interior designers, they have a vision for our work that extends beyond the apparent options when picking furniture, materials, unique treatments, textiles, and colours. They like incorporating one-of-a-kind, unusual artefacts into our customers' spaces, but the essential thing they do is help them define their distinctive style.


While they share a passion for many of the same design aspects, they interpret them differently in their own houses. However, as far as their job is concerned, they compliment one another. Frequently, one will continue where the other left off. By the time they have exchanged design concepts, they have been thoroughly revised before the customer sees them. At Providence Design, they believe you get the advantages of both of us.




6. Kahler-Payne Antiques

Kahler Payne is owned by Sandra Kahler and Sylvia Payne, two sisters. Constructed initially as McCormick's corner grocery store, this location eventually became a local beauty salon. In 1989, we acquired the building and launched it as Potential Treasures. In 2008, the company changed its name to KahlerPayne. Since the store has been operating for over two decades, we have acquired extensive knowledge of antique furniture and decor. We gladly provide this information to all visitors.

Kahler-Payne has gathered a varied vintage collection with a focus on mid-century pieces. Our speciality is unique glassware, silver, and functional decorations, including lamps of every variety. Numerous new personal and domestic luxuries are added to our inventory. Customers are encouraged to peruse the store and enjoy the amusement of picturing new things in their home, business, or personal space. We hope you will make a shopping trip to Kahler-Payne, whether decorating an entire room or adding a special touch to an existing one.



7. Homestyle Furniture

People who are looking to buy a new house often rely on the experience of real estate brokers, who have and will continue to sell properties for many years. When it comes to furnishing your new house with furniture, why settle for less than the best? Consider this for a moment. The best way to get the support you need is to turn to the professionals!

Homestyle Furniture has been in the furniture industry for a long time now. They live, breathe, and know everything about what they're doing. Shop with them and expect nothing less than competent guidance and service if you want to get your money's worth.

They've been in the furniture industry for a long time and are locally owned and run. As a result, they are well-versed in the most well-known and trusted brands in the industry. They've been working with the top manufacturers for years, so they're well-versed in all of our goods. What happened? It's a one-stop shop for all of your furniture's needs.


Website: https://homestylefurniturear.com/


8. Warehouse Furniture

Warehouse Furniture first opened its doors in 1980, offering a total of 7000 square feet of retail space for customers to explore. We now have a showroom with a floor size of 45000 square feet where we showcase furniture from well-known brands at deeply reduced rates. Due to their low pricing, customers travel from all across Arkansas to shop at the store. They still maintain their small-town client service, which sets us apart from our competitors. If the item is in stock, consumers may pick up their purchases the same day or use our low-cost delivery option. They've been in business for 34 years and counting because of these small-town services.

Website: https://www.warehousefurnitureinc.com/





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