A Comeback You Have to admit: Mid-century Modern style

What Is Mid-Century Modern Decor Style?


Mid-Century modern was first introduced in Cara Greenberg's book of the same title: this style was heavily influenced by the industrial revolution of the late 19th century, it mixed modern and traditional through clean lines, bold tones, textures, and vivid shapes while keeping the overall furnishings minimalist, which was easy to blend into other decor styles as well.

 living room


Why is Mid-Century Modern Style Making a Comeback in Home Decor?


The styles are cyclical. Everything old is new again! The reason for it is that we get tired of the same thing after a while, so we look for something new.

Mid-century modern furnishings mix very well with modern architecture since there has been a resurgence in modern design in residences. Styles of decorations are usually collections of things that fit together, so they tend to become popular or drop out of fashion together. Therefore, the interest in MCM is a natural result.


How Can It Transform Your Home Into A Masterpiece


It showcases simplicity.


I consider that it is the clean lines and uncluttered atmosphere that is appealing to people after years of shabby chic, chipped paint, throw pillows galore, and slipcovered sofas. Mid-century modern style advocates simplicity, it leaves behind redundant decoration and uses clear lines to make the design reflect highly aesthetic.


Bring nature indoors.

Large windows behind the TV stand without heavy curtains are the focal point of mid-century modern design. The desire to blend with nature is a key component of it, so more and more designs are being made directly from wood, metal, and glass. The most direct way to embellish your house is by adding greenery, which could bring the nature of the outside in.



It connects form and function.

Modern design, with its emphasis on quality of function but not the redundant ornate embellishment, occurred quite appropriately at the height of the industrial age, especially after the destructive war. A classic feature of mid-century modern furniture is the tapered legs like this coffee table, which both satisfied the form and function.



It allows the play of colors.

Since the interior spaces are filled with clear lines and geometric shapes, then the highlight of mid-century style is the use of bold hues to add a layer of visual appeal in other ways. You can incorporate as many colors as you like into this style. Whether it's avocado green, dragon fruit red, or bright orange, these cheerful colors will take your interior out of the banality and monotony.

A simple potted plant or flower arrangement on the side table, a set of pillows on the sofa and a unique rug under the coffee table are enough to instantly brighten up the overall tone of your room.

 green and white throw pillows on green sofa

Timeless style and trend forecasts.

To be honest, mid-century modern has never gone away. I'd say that, rather than being displaced, it has rather gained more relevance and attention as the years have passed. Many trend elements for 2022 such as nature style, vintage wood, and bright palettes are all the components of mid-century modern style. Maybe it is one of the longest-lived and it doesn't seem that its audience will decrease in the short term.  

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