Could you distinguish dressers and chest of drawers?

One of the most essential elements that you can surely find in a bedroom is a dresser or chest of drawers. In addition to both having storage functions, they can also serve a decorative purpose. In this article, we have sorted out dressers and chests of drawers, and for those of you who are not sure which one to choose, this guide will surely meet your needs.



The most common feature of a dresser is that it is low and long, often with six or more large, deep drawers. In addition, as the name implies, most of the dressers come with matching mirrors for easy grooming and dressing. If you don't want a large room to look too empty, a dresser is the perfect way to fill the space in your bedroom, which could also enhance the entire ambiance of your bedroom through the style and theme of the dresser itself.


  1. Horizontal dresser

The horizontal dresser is the commonest type, hence the name standard dresser. Generally the horizontal dressers at least have two to three wide and deep rows of drawers, while the top tier provides ample tabletop space for storage or display.



  1. Double Dresser

Double dressers generally consist of 6-8 wide drawers in two columns, which can provide ample storage space for couples to share. It is excellent to place a mirror on it, but you will need to consider whether the space is large enough to accommodate this large piece of furniture in a small space.



  1. Combo dresser

Combo dressers are generally similar in overall size to a standard dresser, but in particular, it is a combination of drawers and storage cabinets. Different sizes of drawers and storage cabinets make it easy to meet your different storage requirements, especially when you meet the situation that you need to store not only clothes, but many like hats, bags, scarves and other objects, combo dresser must be beneficial.


Chest of Drawers

There are a few features that can broadly help you identify the chest of drawers, which is relatively narrow and significantly higher than the dresser. It is basically comparable to a dresser in terms of storage space, but extends in functionality even to place TV and media entertainment.


  1. Vertical Chest

Vertical Chests are tall and narrow storage pieces. They must be ideal for you if your bedroom is narrow and small, or if you are planning to add some storage in the hallway or den.



  1. Lingerie Chest

The lingerie chest is a taller and leaner version of the dresser, as the name implies, is used to store small pieces of clothing such as lingerie, if you often find your socks or jewelry, skin care products and other small objects in disarray, then the lingerie cabinet can help you to place neat and tidy.


     3.Bachelor’s chest: 

The bachelor chest is a low, small, simple and narrow chest of drawers, which traditionally intended for single people with limited clothing storage needs, hence the name. This furniture is even considered a chest rather than a dresser because it is narrow, has limited storage space, and is sometimes small enough to serve as a nightstand.



  1. Gentleman's Chest

The gentleman's chest is similar to a combo dresser because it has a high cabinet that can be used to hang blazers, business suits, dress pants, ties and other clothing of gentleman. This is also the origin of its name.


  1. Media chest: 

What makes media cabinets special is that there is an open shelf for cables, remote controls and other media accessories, along with a drawer underneath for clothing storage. Media cabinets in bedrooms are generally taller than TV cabinets in living rooms, so if you're a total movie fan, it's definitely worth investing in a media cabinet.




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