Elevating Your Living Room Look with WLIVE coffee table

Coffee tables are different in a whole lot of sizes, heights, shapes, and materials, providing you with massive choices. Finding one which meets all your wishes may be a great challenge.

If you are looking for a coffee table as a way to elevate your living room look while also serving a variety of functions, our list of the best coffee tables for your home should be appealing to you.


The Best Minimalist Design Coffee Table

When it comes to the design of a coffee table, sometimes simpler makes better. If your living room was constructed with simple lines and simple features, I like the WLIVE lift-top coffee table with a concise steel frame design. In addition, its dark brown color provides a rustic look that blends well with the design of many different rooms. 


When it closed, the straight and clean lines of this coffee table are nothing special. However, underneath the tabletop was two hidden storage drawers for storing your remote, laptop and other small items. This coffee table does not overload the design with additional drawers and storage space. The open lower shelf allows you to exhibit all your favorite crafts and small collections.


According to a review by Angie Bemis, her apartment is unable to accommodate a real table, so this is a perfect alternative. The style is also classic and definitely not too fashionable like other brands trying to take advantage of the current mid-century fashion for modernity.


The Best Lift-Top Coffee Table

If you require some hidden space, but you’re now no longer searching out the coffee table with a heavy layout, the WLIVE Wood Lift Top Coffee Table with Adjustable Storage Shelf offers an incredible option. This tabletop is hinged with the body and could be lifted upward and away from the table, which creates extra storage space.


The top wood grain piece is cut from a single piece of wood, so all you have to do is make sure the grain lines up correctly, and then get a gorgeous and sturdy coffee table.


In its review, someone mentioned the design looks so warm and inviting, absolutely love the pull-out desk part! One reviewer mentioned the ability to extend the tabletop and is ideal for working, as the added height of the lift top makes it comfortable to use for this purpose.


The best affordable coffee table


This industrial wooden and metallic cocktail table is not fussing around with its design. For a concise and modern look, simple metal silhouettes support an engineered wood-finished top. With smooth lines and open space beneath for storage and two big easy-pulled fabric drawers for storing small odds and ends, it serves its purpose while still perfectly matched with any other furniture style.


In its review, Elizabeth A Ryan emphasized the splendid storage and ample surface area of this wooden unit, because it offers plenty of surface space and they get rid of shuffling items around on their previous table. 


Best of all, the WLIVE wood coffee table with 2 fabric dressers offers a low price compared to other well-built coffee tables. If you need to save some money on a coffee table and you don’t mind a basic design, this unit offers tremendous value.

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