The Best Mid Century Modern Coffee Tables for Low Budget

For the most part, when working on design projects, most of us will have "Mid-century modern design" in mind. Despite the difficulty of describing this style, the use of common colors, forms, spaces, and typographic features helps to identify it. Mid-century modern design is known for its vibrant colors and striking patterns. Wide, uneven, or even disconnected shapes and areas are common. It is common for typography to be straightforward, with sans serif fonts, plain serifs, and the like used. One of the most typical characteristics is that it appears to be disconnected and abstract, although these compositions are brilliant. If you're looking for a design style with a distinct flavor, you'll either adore or loathe this one. Colors can be bright or muted; geometric forms are used; clean lines and angles are used; textures like wood, leather, or glass are used; all items on the page are essential; opposing design principles; asymmetry and rough lines, typography, or overall text are common in mid-century modern design. Were you thinking about getting a mid-century coffee table in 2022? Then you're in for a treat!

1. Wlive Retro Brown/Charcoal Black Lift Top Coffee Table

The size of this coffee table is 19.7 by 39.4 by 17.4 inches. With a good lift top mechanism, the tabletop can be raised or lowered without making any noise. You can hide your laptop, chess set, and remote controls in a large hidden compartment under the tabletop. This will keep them clean and out of the way. A shelf that can be taken out of the side drawer gives you more room for magazines, CDs, and game controllers. When you're sitting on your couch, another coffee table might not be tall enough. This lift-top coffee table has a top that extends and lifts up to make a floating, raised work surface. It looks great in any room and can be used for working, eating, and extra storage. It looks nice and is built to last. It has a lot of room to store things. Also, it's easy to put together, except for the hydraulic lift when putting it back together. After you screw it onto one of the pieces of wood, you have to force the bracket back onto the mount before you can screw the bolt-on back on. I hope that this information saves other people time.

Wlive Retro Brown Lift Top Coffee Table


  1. It is durable.
  2. The quality is good.


  1. The size can be bigger.


2. Mopio Ensley Modern Coffee Table, Mid Century Sleek Rectangular Design with Dual Side Storage

The mid-century modern coffee table comes with four separate compartments for your storage needs. The dimensions are 39.2 x 23.2 x 15.7 inches. It has a 1-year warranty. A dual-sided storage system gives you full 360-degree flexibility in designing your living space. It is exquisitely designed for a child-safe environment with smooth rounded corners, which is easy on the eyes. The tapered leg gives you extra stability and sturdiness with style. I recently purchased this coffee table and, overall, am extremely pleased with it. While it's not solid wood, it is still pretty heavy and sturdy. It also had clear instructions and was easy to put together. One thing in particular that I love is the storage space. There is a divider in the middle, so you can put books or decorations on both sides without seeing all the way through and looking overly crowded. The sliding door is also a great feature to hang a blanket or other items. My only critique is that I wash the gaps on the rounded corners a little more tightly. There is a small gap even though I've tried hard to get it to look seamless. However, this is not super noticeable, and you would have to be looking pretty closely to be able to tell, so I'm not that worried about it.

Mopio Ensley Modern Coffee Table, Mid Century Sleek Rectangular Design with Dual Side Storage


  1. It's unique.
  2. It looks so great.


  1. The size is a little small.
  2. This cabinet is a little short in height.



3. Modway Transmit Mid-Century Coffee Table, Walnut White

This sophisticated mid-century cocktail table can match a variety of contemporary décors. The product dimensions are 23"L x 47"W x 15"H. An organic aesthetic, rounded corners, and a flared profile bring mid-century intrigue to your living room. You can transform your home decor with this retro-modern coffee table. Ideal for living rooms, lounge areas, and meeting and recreational spaces, this coffee table is perfect for displaying favorite books and magazines, or hosting beverages and snacks. Keep your visual space clean with an open storage unit and a glide drawer for holding and organizing extra reading material and remotes. It is perfect for small living spaces and apartments. Sometimes you have to suffer for beauty, and that is the case with this coffee table. It is gorgeous and I love the design, but man was it a project to put together. Give yourself plenty of time, read the directions before you start, and follow them exactly. Luckily, they are easy to understand and follow. This isn't hard, it is just time-consuming. But the effort is more than worth it. The result is a sleek, modern table that looks like it came out of a designer's showroom.

Modway Transmit Mid-Century Coffee Table, Walnut White


  1. Its look is great.


  1. It is hard to assemble
  2. The color can be improved.


4. eMod - Mid-Century Modern Triangle Coffee Table Glass Top (Walnut)

This triangle coffee table is a masterpiece of modern design. The design is both ethereal and practical: an elegant, sturdy, and durable table. This balance of sculptural form and everyday function makes the Triangle Coffee Table an understated and beautiful element in homes and offices. The dimensions are 50W x 36"D x 16"H. I've loved this table design for a long time, and when I saw this one I ordered it. The glass is nice and thick, 3/4" I think, which makes it very heavy. It looks great, is very easy to put together, and is stable, but placing the glass on top is a two-person job. It is a beautiful table. a bit wobbly until you figure out the proper spread of the legs. The glass is really thick but very very hard to keep clean. All in all, I strongly recommend it to you.



eMod - Mid-Century Modern Triangle Coffee Table Glass Top (Walnut)


  1. Its look is beautiful.
  2. The style of it is fashion.


  1. The size is small.
  2. It is easy to break.


5. SIMPLIHOME Hunter SOLID MANGO WOOD and Metal 48 inch Wide Rectangle Industrial Contemporary Lift Top Coffee Table in Umber Brown

This product uses the finest quality solid mango hardwood. With top-up, the dimensions are 24"D x 48"W x 25"H. 24"D x 48"W x 18"H with a top-down. A multipurpose table with storage can be used as a coffee or cocktail table. It looks great in your living room, great room, condo, family room, or den. I love this piece of furniture. Yes, it's expensive, but it shows and it's worth it. Great quality, beautiful hardwood. I wanted it to be able to roll away when not in use. It makes a good side table, then I bring it out for computer work, meals, sorting bills, etc. I was so excited about this coffee table. It was super easy to assemble. Just screw on the legs. It feels very sturdy. Unfortunately, the wood on our lift top seems a bit bowed, and one side of the top does not lay flush. It sticks up a bit, and there's a very noticeable gap. It's very annoying, as anytime something flat is on the coffee table, it will wobble across the gap between the lift top part and the rest of the table. As others have noted, there is also a high variance in the wood used. Some are neon yellow, almost pinkish. It's okay looking from afar, and I don't mind the color inconsistency nearly as much as the uneven lift top, but be aware that the pictures on the listing are not accurate to the coloration.


SIMPLIHOME Hunter SOLID MANGO WOOD and Metal 48 inch Wide Rectangle Industrial Contemporary Lift Top Coffee Table in Umber Brown


  1. It is easy to assemble.


  1. The color is not very attractive.
  2. The size can be bigger.


6. Castlery Vincent Coffee Table Set, Oak

Instead of teak, which is the most genuine midcentury modern furniture material, this coffee table set was constructed of beautiful oak wood. The inherent beauty of the wood is brought out by the clear lacquer finish. Mid-century modern design's crisp, staggered, and uneven shapes are well reflected here. Each table has a maximum weight capacity of 33 lbs. This set is just a little too tiny for my tastes. I think it's more like a footstool.

Vincent Coffee Table Set, Oak


  1. Stunning shape
  2. Made of real wood


  1.  Too small



7. Article Latta Slate Gray Coffee Table

In this piece, The farmhouse-style Latta coffee table has a modern twist. Made of Acacia wood and black metal plating, it refreshes rustic elements with contemporary shapes and embellishments. Imagine it with a charcuterie platter and chips. What a lovely way to spend a sunny day.

	Latta Slate Gray Coffee Table



  1. Suitable for outdoor 
  2. Easy to assemble


  1. A little bit short


8. Homary Mid-Century Round Coffee Table with 4 Legs Walnut Small Accent Table

A minimalist coffee table with a circular shape and superb functionality is ideal for a mid-modern or antique decor. This circular coffee table, which contains a tray top for serving and exhibiting different decorative things, is a stunning work of art. Sturdy wood is used in the construction of this table for a gorgeous, contemporary aesthetic. With this eye-catching coffee table, you can give your living room a splash of color.

Homary Mid-Century Round Coffee Table with 4 Legs Walnut


  1. Easy to assemble
  2. Light weight


  1.  Not real wood


9. Mid 42 in. Acorn Large Rectangle MDF Coffee Table with Drawers


An open storage shelf on the lowest tier of this rectangular MDF coffee table protects your belongings. Tables are now completed on all four sides. Additional storage space may be found in the drawer. With clear and simple directions, it was a breeze to put together. The glass seems to be quite durable, and it appears to be really thick.

Mid 42 in. Acorn Large Rectangle MDF Coffee Table with Drawers


  1. Plenty storage space
  2. With the glass top, it's easy to clean.


  1. Installation takes some time


10. Nathan James Asher Coffee Table | Glass Top | Wood Finish

An open, breezy atmosphere can be achieved in any living area with the Asher 2-tier black coffee table, which includes a crystal-clear glass-topped table. Slim matte coffee table legs support a warm walnut floating lower tier. This simple coffee table design is a great way to add a dash of sophistication to your living space.

Nathan James Asher Coffee Table | Glass Top | Wood Finish



  1. Easy to install and clean


  1.  A little bit heavy

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