The Best 8 Furniture Stores in Baton Rouge

You know that you and your family create your house, not the furnishings. However, the Furniture in our houses takes a hammering, and whether remodelling, extending, relocating, or receiving the first apartment, it may significantly impact our comfort level. Listed below are the leading furniture shops in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Have you ever moved and stood in your new home wishing you could snuggle up on your favourite corner of the sofa with a lovely coffee table while everything was still being packed? If not, I am sure you have wished for a favourite piece of Furniture. It's incredible how drastically they can impact our lives.



1. Furniture Liquidators

This business, Furniture Liquidators, is run by a family. Since 1989, they've served Baton Rouge with high-quality items and excellent customer service. Come into their shop, meet their staff, and you'll be sure to come back again and again. They treat our consumers like members of the family. The way they do things is how they always do things.


Furnishings Liquidators was first set up in 1989 in a 10,000-square-foot warehouse. Their expansion onto a new site only three buildings down was completed in 1999. There was a 30,000-square-foot addition to their showroom.


Their goal is to help our customers find quality Furniture at an affordable price. Whether you're looking for a piece of Furniture for your living room, dining room, family room, or bedroom, we have what you're looking for. Ultimately, they want to fulfil all your furniture requirements under one roof. They have approximately 30,000 square feet of Furniture on exhibit there. Furniture Liquidators provides any online furniture retailer with the best rates, variety, and service.




2. Stark Form

There is a beginning to everyone's narrative. Stark Brands founder Joshua Ribbeck has worked in advertising and information technology for more than a decade before expanding into product and furniture design.. Clients contacted Josh after constructing his first end table for his house, which was recognized in the Best of the Year awards by Interior Design Magazine. Josh's technological elegance drove the brand to its current prominence to be recognized as a leading maker of excellent handmade Furniture. Josh oversees the design and engineering of these pieces at our Louisiana and Tennessee facilities. His works reflect his reverence for the interdependence of man and the natural world and his desire to have the most impact with the least amount of resources.




3. Inessa Stewart's Antiques

Antique Furniture and décor from France, Italy, and Europe may be found here. Inessa and John have been personally hand-picking and importing antique Furniture from Europe since 1991. Their showrooms in Dallas and Baton Rouge now total 50,000 square feet, offering an unrivalled selection of antique Furniture in a dizzying array of styles, sizes and prices. All of the Furniture in the showrooms was purchased directly from European manufacturers. Antique paintings and accessories and hundreds of antique and vintage lighting fixtures complement the Furniture well.




4. Casual Creations

For over two decades, the family-run Casual Creations has served Baton Rouge and the surrounding region. Our service area has grown significantly over the years. Now that we have a website, we can serve consumers from all over the world.


In 1976, Bob and Nancy Bucy relocated to Baton Rouge from their home in New Jersey. Following their retirement from the commercial furniture industry in 1994, they launched their shop. Casual Creations was created with the aid of Rick, their son.


They added Dan Brown to their ranks in August of that year. Having grown up together, he fit right in with the store's "family-owned" vibe. A year later, on January 1, 2007, he was promoted to partner. We've been keeping up with Bob's standards since his death in February 2008: excellent customer service, high-quality items; best available pricing; and the best prices we could find at the time.


If you haven't been to Casual Creations yet, you could be shocked by what you see. There is a lot of variety and various products in the shop, even though it seems tiny from the outside. Some of the many items available are Furniture, gas logs, screens & fire sets, bespoke glass doors, gas and charcoal grills, hammocks, carpets, outdoor lights, and curtains. "We are a family company, and we aim to keep it that way," Rick says. We don't care about size; we care about quality." Their success, according to Rick, is largely due to the fact that they provide personal attention to their clients and rely on word-of-mouth promotion from those clients. "We attempt to respond honestly to every query, even if we don't have what the customer seeks. To us, it's more important to assist a consumer in locating what they want than what we'd want to sell.





5. Fireside Antiques

At Fireside Antiques, they live by the motto, "Antiques for the Modern World.". Modern comfort and elegance are incorporated into their designs while honouring the workmanship of the past. Their love for European antiques began in the early 80s and has never left them. In the 35 years, they've been in the industry, they've developed close ties with their European customers.


Among their many offerings are fine European antiques, high-end replicas, and a broad range of home furnishings and accessories. It's all available at various pricing points and styles that may be used in various settings.


Their gifted team of artisans, Bernard, Carl, and Dan meticulously repair all of their antiques. As part of our team from the beginning, they have worked tirelessly with these "pieces of art" from the past to ensure that they are ready for your use. For your convenience, every item in our 18,000-square-foot showroom has been shot in great detail and organized online.





6. World Market

When it comes to purchasing unique, and artisan items, no other shop around is quite like World Market. Discover a large, varied selection of things - from dining room furniture to foreign cuisine to economic Christmas presents — World Market offers just what you are searching for. Dress up your house with fashionable furnishings, patterned window curtains, area rugs and artistic accent lighting. Need a fresh new aroma for your home? Shop our variety of scented candles at your local shop in Baton Rouge, LA. World Market provides the cheapest collection of rustic wood furniture for your living room, dining room and home office, including elegantly designed coffee tables. Some of our stores also feature comprehensive beer and wine departments, with friendly personnel to direct you to find the ideal beverage. Get into the holiday mood any time of year with décor and presents for Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and more! Make sure you join today for the World Market Awards program, which gives rewards, special specials and unique discounts to regular customers in Baton Rouge, LA.





7. The Foyer

Your house's personality is shown in the Foyer. 8000 square feet and over 75 merchants make this a one-stop shop for anything from interior design and artwork to home décor and lighting. There's something for everyone here, thanks to a wide variety of merchants and artists from all walks of life.





8. Brian's Furniture 

After working for his father for many years, Brian Fourroux decided to go out on his own in October of 1981. A little 5,000-square-foot facility across the street from his father's company was where he began his furniture business, where he sold Furniture during the day and delivered it at night. His company grew swiftly and prospered with the support of a few furniture merchants and manufacturers.


The firm continued to grow when he married his wife, Keri, in 1985. Brian took the choice to broaden his business as the furniture market started to shift. Products in the Louisiana style, such as sugar kettles and in cast aluminium, were also included.


Brian's Furniture would soon become the South's biggest cast aluminium outdoor furniture and accessory retailer, as he had no idea! Port Allen's old downtown has been transformed into a city-block-sized retail experience thanks to their iron and fibreglass sugar kettles, delivered nationwide, and our massive in-store art gallery.



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