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The wood file cabinet is a popular option among the numerous varieties of file cabinets available on the market. For many homes and companies, this cabinet form provides several advantages and functions. A few of the advantages of a wood file cabinet include the following.

First and foremost, wooden file cabinets are very sturdy and long-lasting. Because of their sturdy construction, they will survive for years to come. They are ideal for usage in a busy workplace or at home. Second, wood file cabinets have a timeless and classic appearance. They can dress up any space and go with just about any style. Lastly, wood file cabinets may be used in many different ways. To fulfill your unique requirements, they may be employed in a number of ways.

They're low-maintenance and long-lasting if you take good care of them. Many companies have suffered losses as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic, yet there have been some gains as well. Growing demand for office furniture, particularly wooden file cabinets, is one of those chances to take advantage of this trend. Many companies and home offices rely on wooden file cabinets as a basic piece of office furniture. They serve as a safe haven for vital paperwork, files, and documents of all kinds. As well as organizing and storing other office items, they may be utilized in this way. Due to the rise in the number of individuals working from home, wooden filing cabinets are in more demand than ever before. Working from home necessitates the creation of a distinct work area in your house. People who don't have the proper furnishings for a home office end up having to improvise. Many individuals who work from home find that wooden file cabinets are the ideal storage option.

Here's the best 10 wood filing cabinets we pick for you to make a wise purchase decision.

1. Devaise Black 3 Drawer Wood File Cabinet with Open Storage Shelves

Devaise Black 3 Drawer Wood File Cabinet with Open Storage Shelves

The printer stand's built-in three-drawer lateral file cabinet is versatile enough to serve either as a storage cabinet or a filing cabinet. It is suitable for use in the workplace, at home, etc. It does have a few positive aspects to it.

To begin with, the spacious workstation provides plenty of room for both your printer and scanner. Second, the casters that rotate in all directions make it easy to maneuver. It has two casters at the front, both of which have brakes, so it won't topple over. Third, you may keep smaller things in the two drawers located on top. In the meantime, the letter- sized and A4-sized files may be stored in the one hanging file drawer. In addition to this, the sturdy design ensures that the maximum weight capacity is 150 pounds. Overall dimensions: 32"W x 16"D x 26"H.

Installing is simple, and instructions are included. There is a choice of three different hues for the cabinet. This cabinet not only has a high-end look but also makes use of quality materials throughout its construction. It will last longer than products made of other materials. In any case, I strongly advise that you get this cabinet.


  1. It is easy to move.
  2. It is easy to install.
  3. It is durable.


  1. It is a little weighty.
  2. Some of the details aren't very well done.

2.TOPSKY 3 Drawers Wood Mobile File Cabinet Fully Assembled Except Casters (Oak)

TOPSKY 3 Drawers Wood Mobile File Cabinet Fully Assembled Except Casters (Oak)

Melamine and P2 class particle board, nylon, are used in the construction of this mobile filing cabinet. This cabinet may be used as a home office and comes with a one-year guarantee. Installation of this wooden mobile file cabinet is simple. The front two casters may be locked, while the middle caster keeps the chair from tipping. With only one key and a spare, you can secure all of the drawers. It's great that it's ready to go when it comes. Its five wheels (casters), manual, tool, and two keys were all found in the top drawer. The color and quality are much better!  It was worth the money, came quickly, and was a breeze to put up. All I've ever desired and can't find. Stay away from direct sunlight, if at all possible. That's something I'd check into since it seems to have the potential to discolor. It was an added bonus! Consider buying another one. Have fun!


  1. The surface looks clear.
  2. You do not need to buy an extra fork and hanger.
  3. Its look is beautiful.


  1. The wheel of this cabinet breaks easily.
  2. Some of the details of the cabinet are not well done.


3. Devaise Rustic Brown 3-Drawer Wood File Cabinet 

Devaise Rustic Brown 3-Drawer Wood File Cabinet

I didn't know that filing cabinets cost so much. I bought this for my office, and putting it together was a breeze.It came in perfect condition and was just the right height to make my desk bigger. I really like the drawer at the top of the desk. It fits well in a corner and has enough space for a good number of files.

This filing cabinet has a modern look and could be just what your office space needs.It fits right next to a desk or work table and gives you more space to store things. This small file cabinet has 3 drawers that are all a good size. You can put things like printing paper, pens, books, and even snacks inside. The bottom drawer has file-hanging frames that can hold files that are letter or A4 size. High-quality ball bearing glides make sure that the door will open and close smoothly for a long time. This cabinet is 16.2" wide, 15.7" deep, and 25.8" tall. This office cabinet is made of particle board, which is good for the environment, so it will last for a long time.  It won't get scratched or stained. Just wipe it down with a damp towel, and it will look as good as new. The 5 wheels roll easily on both the wood floor and the carpet. With the front two brake wheels that can be locked, office supplies like a printer can be put on top. When all the drawers are open at the same time, the middle casters keep the unit from falling over. The only thing that isn't so great is that the drawers don't come out all the way. If you don't leave any room, it can be hard to get to files in the very back. Besides that, I would recommend it!


  1. It is easy to assemble.
  2. The shape is perfect.
  3. It is perfect for storing papers and other items.


  1. It is a little expensive.
  2. The cabinet could be a little bigger.

4. Techni Mobili Rolling 2 Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet with Lock and Storage

Techni Mobili Rolling 2 Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet with Lock and Storage

This cabinet will look great in my bedroom or office, I think.  There is a lock on the top drawer that locks both the drawers and the file cabinets. Casters that don't leave marks make it easy to move things. It is 15.75" long, 17.75" wide, and 22.75" tall. It also comes with a limited warranty of 5 years. When put together, the white castors feel a little "cheap," but they have worked great for moving things around the room. This file cabinet is great. It's just what I was looking for. If you want to buy this in the future, my only tip is to have a drill on hand if you don't have strong hands because the holes aren't drilled deep enough. All of the bolts and screws were carefully put into separate bags, and each step was written on the bags. This made it as easy as possible. But it only comes with 98 screws and pre-cut wood. It's just a very big job. Have a plan. When it's done, it looks great. I'm happy with what I bought, and I'd tell anyone else to do the same. I don't want to feel like I'm sleeping in a cubicle, especially since COVID-19 and I had to turn my personal space into a workspace.


  1. Its look is great.
  2. It can store many things.


  1. It is difficult to install.
  2. The color can be improved.


5. Devaise Rustic 3 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

Walnut 3 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

The vertical 3-drawer file cabinet fits under most desks and can be used in both traditional business settings and home offices.

It's made of an eco-friendly board that is water-resistant, won't scratch, and is very easy to clean. The cabinet is easy to move, and the two front casters can be locked. One extra caster keeps the cabinet from tipping over. This cabinet is 18.4" wide, 15.8" deep, and 27.1" tall (including wheels). In addition to the two high-capacity file drawers with full-extension runners, the bottom drawer has an extra rail for hanging folders, so you can use them in different ways.

This is not a pull-out of the box product, and for most skill levels, you will need to spend at least 3 to 5 hours putting it together from start to finish. Still, the end result is well worth the hard work.If you don't want to spend that much time, you shouldn't buy this cabinet.

1. Take each piece out of the box and wipe it down with a damp cloth to get rid of any dust or bits of Styrofoam that are stuck to it. Note where the numbers that tell you what each piece is are.

2. Put the pieces in numerical order.There are more than a dozen pieces to put together, and the process goes faster if you can go straight to, say, pieces 4 and 2 to put them together.

3. Put the alphabetized packets of screws (3 sizes), dowels, screw posts (2 sizes), wheels, etc. in alphabetical order. As with the first two, this will speed up the process and make sure you use the right hardware.

4. Before you start building, read every page of the instructions and match the cabinet parts with the hardware called for. This takes about 20 minutes, but like steps 2 and 3, it will speed up the process and make sure the right hardware is being used. If you follow those steps, the building will go a lot better. I hope your purchase will make you as happy as mine has made me.


  1. It is an attractive-looking small file cabinet.
  2. It is perfect for storing papers and other items.


  1. It is hard to assemble.

6.  Sauder Via Pedestal,  Classic Cherry Finish

Sauder Via Pedestal, Classic Cherry Finish

This cabinet is 15.55" long, 19.45" wide, and 28.54" high. Save space, keep things in order, and do it in style. With this two-drawer pedestal from the Via collection, you can give your office more storage space and make it look good at the same time. This two-drawer cabinet can be used for many different things. It has two drawers with full-extension slides that can hold letter, legal, or European size hanging files, so you can keep all your important papers in order. The large storage drawers are also a great place to put office supplies like stacks of notepads, folders, and binders for work. Don't worry, both drawers have locks to keep your things safe. This file cabinet is easy to move around your office because it has hidden wheels. Roll it to another room or put it under your Via desk. It can go with you anywhere! For the price, the cabinet is a great cabinet. It has locks for both the top and bottom, and once it's put together, it looks very nice. It went well with the cherry-colored office furniture, and you couldn't even tell it was made by a different company. It looks and works great now that it's fixed.


  1. It is quite sturdy.
  2. It is easy to install.


  1. This cabinet can be bigger.
  2. The color is single.


7. Devaie Rustic Brown 2 Drawer Wood File Cabinet with Open Storage Shelf 

Devaise Rustic Brown 2 Drawer Wood File Cabinet with Open Storage Shelf

The purpose of this filing cabinet is to keep the office machines, paper, files, and suppliers in order. The small file cabinet can be set up next to the desk or under it. The sleek and modern look makes it easy to use in the office or at home. Overall, it is 15.7" deep, 16.2" wide, and 25.6" tall. The instructions for this two-drawer file cabinet make it easy to put together. The file cabinet on wheels has two drawers and an open space for more storage. The bottom drawer has a place to hang letter- or A4-sized file folders, and the middle drawer has a lot of space for office supplies. The open shelf is a great place to store and show off more things. This file cabinet has holes in the bottom drawer that let you change the size of the hanging documents. To do this, you just have to move the bars that hold the documents. On the other hand, it's easy to move. The rolling file cabinet has five wheels, so it's easy to put in place or move around your home office. The front two casters have brakes built in to keep the filing cabinet in place and make it more stable. The bottom drawer has a wheel that keeps it from falling over. Most importantly, this file cabinet is strong and durable because it has a good wooden top and a strong steel frame. I really think you should buy it.


  1. The style of this cabinet is fashion.
  2. The quality is good.


  1. It is too hard to put together.
  2. The size is a little small.

8.VASAGLE File Cabinet, Filing Cabinet for Home Office, with 2 Drawers, A4 and Letter Sized Files, Printer Stand,Rustic Brown and Black

VASAGLE File Cabinet, Filing Cabinet for Home Office, with 2 Drawers, A4 and Letter Sized Files, Printer Stand,Rustic Brown and Black

Most of your tabletop is taken up by stacks of papers, leaving you nowhere to type. No worries. Bring in this file cabinet and properly organize your work items. Then, your workstation will be back. It is 16.9" long, 16.5" wide, and 26.6" tall. Files go in the two drawers, books go on the open shelf, and the printer goes on top. Keep everything you need for productive work within arm's reach. There are some details that help keep it stable. Adjustable feet keep the file cabinet stable on uneven floors. The caster keeps the cabinet from tipping over when the drawer is fully open, and the anti-tip kit keeps the cabinet attached to the wall. Also, this file cabinet is easy to put together because it has a simple design, clear instructions, and numbered parts. This will save you time for more important projects. An industrial rolling cabinet has a steel frame and particleboard panels. It can be used to add storage space and a charming look to your home office, living room, or bedroom.


  1. It is cute.
  2. It is easy to assemble.


  1. The size runs smaller.
  2. It's not a pretty color.


9.  Monesti Mobile File Cabinet with Drawer, Printer Stand with Storage, Letter Size for Home Office(Rustic Brown)

Monesti Mobile File Cabinet with Drawer, Printer Stand with Storage, Letter Size for Home Office

This cabinet is 23.6" wide, 15.7" deep, and 29.3" tall (including casters). Notice that this file cabinet is only for letter-sized papers. It's simple to move. This printer stand is easy to move and change the position of because it has four wheels. The front two wheels have brakes built in to keep it in place and give it more stability. You can put your printer or scanner on the large desk, and the open storage shelves can help you separate the space based on how you use it. You can hang letters on the drawer, and you can put books, file baskets, decorations, and other things on the shelf. Also, the material is thick and made of high-quality P2 MDF wood board. All of the wood used is eco-friendly. The desktop is waterproof and can't be scratched, so it's easy to clean and keep up. I was looking for a table just like this one. It is the right size for the spot I had in mind for it. I'm not at all a builder. I try not to buy things that are too hard to do because I'm not good at them. Everything was labeled and put in its own place, and all the tools I needed were included.


  1. The color is great.
  2. It is easy to move.
  3. The quality is good.


  1. It is a little hard to assemble.
  2. The size is small.


10. Devaise Black 3-Drawer Wood File Cabinet

Devaise Black 3-Drawer Wood File Cabinet

The roomy desktop of this cabinet can accommodate your printer or scanner, and the open storage shelves let you to divide the area according to your needs. Two compact drawers give ample room for storing small objects. The bottom drawer keeps letter- and A4-sized hanging files orderly and completely expands for convenient access. The dimensions are 32"W x 16"D × 26"H overall. This filing cabinet with open storage areas, file drawers, and a storage cabinet is meant to manage office machinery, paper, papers, and supplies. It may be mounted next to or beneath the desk. The sleek and contemporary design is suitable for the office or home study. I'm glad we purchased it. It looks adorable in the workplace and offers ample storage space. The file cabinet is convenient for storing all documents. While two small drawers provide additional space for workplace essentials. Each drawer is effortless to use. The case's dimensions are standard, so any printer will fit. This filing cabinet is attractive. The drawer slides are as silky as they can be. I adore the space and functionality of the cabinet. This size is ideal for a tiny space, and it looks wonderful in my room.  It was quite simple to put together and is aesthetically attractive. The bottom wheels make it easy to move around. Even when heavily loaded, the drawers are effortless to open and close.


  1. Its look is professional.
  2. It is durable.
  3. This cabinet is so sturdy.


  1. The size is small.
  2. The color is dull.

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