Top 10 Mid-Century Floor Lamps to Solve All Your Lighting Issues

Why is mid-century modern coming back? I would have to simply say that there is a constant need for versatility among individuals who are constantly in need of change in their homes and have a passion for staying up to date in terms of decor. Mid-century modern is a style that can set a standard, while not being overly busy which makes it a breeze to update small accents and pops of color for something a little more suited for what the owner wants! 

If you want to start a mid-century makeover, I recommend adding a fantastic floor lamp beside the sofa or coffee table because the lighting is an essential component of any room. It can help to add height to the room as well as create interesting shadows and patterns on the wall. Floor lamps are also low-maintenance because they don't take up much space and are easy to move around when you're redecorating! So if you like mid-century modern decor, this post will help you get the right floor lighting.



Club Lamps

1. Pottery Barn Morton Floor Lamp, Natural $269


The most basic design for this type of lamp is the club lamp. This lamp, which has a solid base and a simple lampshade wrapped around a lightbulb, is simple to find in a variety of styles and designs to match your home decor! This is a shaded upright style that would look good almost anywhere. Its simple yet versatile design goes well with coastal, California-cool, and transitional decor. The soothing pale rubberwood base and textured linen shade make it easy to imagine this lamp in our summer cottage's living room.


2. Mercado 62" Floor Lamp

This sleek and stylish floor lamp adds a bright burst of vintage-inspired lighting to any space. Its linen drum shade provides a sense of calm, while its sturdy metal base will last for years.
Furthermore, you have the option of four different finishes: traditional bronze, bright nickel, elegant chrome, or modern black.


Task or Downbridge Lamps

3. All Modern Reitveld Adjustable 83" Task/Reading Floor Lamp

This Reitveld model combines industrial elements with the functional simplicity of a mid-century modern floor lamp, making it ideal for general or work lighting. Two matte black metal pipes are angled and rest on a flat base. A hinge at the joint allows the bulb to be lowered or raised from the floor to provide the ideal lighting arrangement.

4. All Modern Dorado 60'' Task/Reading Floor Lamp

The Task floor lamp will add a warm glow to your space as you unwind after a long day or watch your favorite television shows.
The circular base of the lamp is topped with a streamlined support rod that gradually turns toward the top, delivering a frosted glass shade with an opening at the end.
The shade is angled slightly downward, allowing light to reach areas beneath your favorite chair or couch. This functional modern lamp will look great in a living room with white or light-colored furniture.


Arching Floor Lamps

5. Pulaski 79" Arched Floor Lamp

The brass arched mid-century floor lamp looks great next to a bold sectional. The brass finish complements the understated gold in the sectional's upholstery, and the lamp's slender shape complements the couch's heavier lines.
With this combination, you're guaranteed to create a space that feels sophisticated, polished, and one-of-a-kind—like something out of a decorating magazine.

6. Anthony 61" Arched Floor Lamp

This floor lamp will add a modern touch to your reading nook or sofa. The metal lighting fixture has a round base and an arching arm to create a minimal silhouette.
The arc lamp is topped with a seeded glass dome shade, which diffuses the light emitted by the included Edison bulb.
The led bulb is included, saving you a trip to the hardware store, and is controlled by a convenient footswitch, eliminating the need to fumble around in the dark.

Tripod Floor Lamps

7. Brightech Eden Floor Lamp

This tripod floor lamp is a contemporary take on a classic lamp design. The solid wooden base is paired with a neutral fabric shade to create a lamp that will complement any decor.
This lamp also comes with LED bulbs, which allow you to customize your lighting and mood.

8. Cardone LED Tripod Floor Lamp

The Cardone 60′′ LED Tripod Floor Lamp offers plenty of classic mid-century style at a low price. It has a classic tripod design that complements almost any interior decor style, depending on the finish. The lamp has an unexpected edginess and a fresh look thanks to a touch of industrial flair.
It is a one-of-a-kind and eye-catching lamp with a footswitch to control the light. The long cord is hidden inside the lamp's leg, which is ideal for those who dislike floor lamp models with visible cords.

9. France&Son Mid Century Grasshopper Floor lamp

If you like three-legged lamps but prefer something with a slimmer profile, Allan recommends this lamp by Greta Grossman's original 1947 Grasshopper design as an "alternative reproduction if you are working toward building your own iconic collection." It features a tubular steel tripod stand that is "tilted backward, creating a modern silhouette," as well as a conical shade with an elbow joint that can be adjusted up or down to direct light where you want it. Allan suggests "placing it behind your favorite reading chair in a family room, bedroom, or kids' room."


Tree Lamp

10. Higgin 66" Tree Floor Lamp

The Higgin 66′′ Tree Floor Lamp is a multi-functional lighting fixture that can be used to solve a variety of lighting problems. On account of its trio of individual lights can be adjusted in different directions, it is ideal for smaller spaces or dark corners. Classic mid-century lighting designs inspired the cylindrical base that anchors the slim pole that supports the round shades.

The lamp is available in three different finishes: gold, black, and silver, and it has a 96-inch clear cord with an switch. Each bulb has a maximum wattage of 25 watts. The Higgin tree floor lamp comes with a two-year warranty. Buyers describe this lamp as swanky and stylish, as well as extremely functional.


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