Top Rated Lateral File Cabinet in 2022

Northeastern University assistant professor Craig Robertson claims that the vertical file cabinet was designed in the 1890s and rapidly became standard office furniture throughout North America. It was simple to find the information you required thanks to the filing cabinet technology that allowed loose paper to be placed on its edge, using up less storage space. Before there were file cabinets, files were kept in books and then in boxes and eventually on shelves. Homeowners often choose between vertical, lateral, and mobile file cabinets. Other variations, such as flat or open shelf models, are also available for use in professional settings.

Because they are slightly deeper than letter- or legal-size file folders, lateral filing cabinets take up less floor space in front but more on either side. If you need even more vertical space for your files, however, you can always upgrade to a wider filing cabinet or one with additional drawers, both of which will increase the height.


1.DEVAISE 2 Drawer Wood Lateral File Cabinet with Anti-tilt Mechanism

This two-drawer lateral file cabinet by Devaise comes in three different dimensions: 15.7"D x 23.6"W x 29.3"H, 15.75"D x 31.69"W x 29.13"H, and 15.75"D x 35.43"W x 29.37"H.
Featuring anti-tilt technology and a single-drawer locking mechanism, this wood filing cabinet is ideal for environments where access to files is restricted. Sturdy enough to hold up to 220 pounds, its reinforced design ensures it will last for years of usage. It's made out of eco-friendly board, so it won't be damaged if you spill anything on it, and it's also scratch-proof and won't show fingerprints. The drawers of these file cabinets open fully and glide smoothly on high-quality full-extension slides. The items in the furthest drawers can be retrieved with little effort.




2. ‎INTERGREAT Black Metal Lateral File Cabinet with Lock

This three-drawer lateral file cabinet is roomier and has more depth than comparable options, so you can store up to 300 hanging folders in each drawer. Each drawer has two removable, adjustable hanging rails, so you may use it to hold letter-, legal-, A4-, or F4-sized folders. Each drawer in this black filing cabinet can store 110 pounds, for a total capacity of 330 pounds thanks to the unit's all-in-one design and the frame's use of high-strength cold-rolled steel. Durable, long-lasting, and resistant to corrosion, rust, and electrostatic discharge, the epoxy spray coating provides excellent protection against the elements.

The file cabinet needed no screws for assembly and is surprisingly strong (the attached video demo was not how the cabinet went together). Obviously, it's not "office quality," but at this low of a price, it makes sense for a home setting. Once the second box came, it probably took around 45 minutes to assemble (2 days after the first). I contacted the seller since I was worried that not everything would arrive on time, and they replied within 12 hours with a second tracking number. Were to do so again, we would buy it without hesitation.





3.Bush Furniture Key West 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet in Washed Gray

The Bush Furniture Key West 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used as a convenient storage solution in a wide variety of settings across the house. The drawer panels have a distinctive X pattern for a casual look, and they rest on a durable and aesthetically pleasing post leg design. The Washed Gray or Bing Cherry finish of this set, complemented by the Aged Bronze hardware, is a convincing facsimile of real reclaimed wood. Full-extension ball bearing slides make opening and shutting the two file drawers a breeze, and they can hold letter and legal-sized documents. When placed next to a Key West Desk, this file cabinet will be at the same eye level, giving the impression of a larger space and providing more room for work. The Key West store has a wide variety of well-matched pieces that make decorating a space a pleasure.

I wanted a "beautiful" looking file cabinet for a spare room I'm converting into an office/lounge space rather than a boring typical steel office filing cabinet. This is it, the perfect complement to my tropical/coastal decor. It doesn't immediately conjure images of a filing cabinet. My husband and I spent around four and a half hours putting it together. This time, though, we had to take the extra step of opening the packaging and sorting out the screws, boards, sliders, etc. Everything was clearly labeled, and there was not a single missing component. Following the directions was not too difficult, and we got fortunate as all the holes lined up perfectly. It's worth noting that the filing cabinet may store a substantial amount of paperwork. A single drawer has been put to use so far. It's convenient that the drawers can't both be opened at once because of the automatic locking mechanism. A few people have noted that this would make a great nightstand in a bedroom, and I agree. Lots of items could fit in the rather deep drawers. As a whole, the cabinet works well for me. Setting aside some time to sort the components and count them before beginning assembly can make things much easier.




4.Sauder Clifford Place Lateral File, Grand Walnut finish

This beautiful lateral file is part of the Clifford Place collection and is perfect for any office or workplace. This two-drawer file cabinet, designed in the style of the mid-century modern era, glides open and shut with the ease of full-extension drawers. Hanging files of letter or legal size may be used in each drawer, making it possible to store all of your essential documents in order and within easy reach. The lateral file has a safety feature that prevents several drawers from opening at once. Feel concerned about leaving important documents in your office's absence? You may rest easy knowing that each drawer has its own lock and key. In addition, it has a pass-through and grommet hole for routing cables and wires out of sight. The Grand Walnut finish, sturdy wood feet, and strong brass hardware of this storage cabinet make it an eye-catching addition to any office or workplace.


It took over four hours to put together, but was well worth the effort. It's heavy, there are a lot of parts and instructions, and you'll need a lot of room. The style and feel were perfect for me, and the quality was excellent. All locks and drawers function well. I didn't bother to use the "wood" stickers that were included to disguise the product's screws since they were too ugly and the product was too expensive. I think it should be a bit cheaper considering the amount of construction involved and the final "appearance," but I still suggest it.




5.Sauder Boulevard Cafe Industrial 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet, Black Finish

The lateral file from the Boulevard Café series will give your home office (or any other space) a vintage industrial look. You may put books, photographs, or an accent light on the top of this contemporary filing cabinet. The top is also a fantastic location for your printer. This two-drawer lateral file cabinet is both basic in form and beautiful in appearance. Its drawers include full extension slides and can accommodate hanging files of either letter or legal size. This contemporary piece has a black powder-coated aluminum frame and vintage oak details. The wood lateral file cabinet will make you forget you're meant to be working, so throw aside all you know about filing cabinets, even the boring beige metal one. We trust that your impressions will be favorable. The designers of Sauder regularly go on international excursions to source inspiration for the company's products. Our cutting-edge and original furniture solutions are clearly influenced by our globetrotting.



6. Sauder Heritage Hill Lateral File - Classic Cherry finish

Are the mountains of paper and file cabinets on your desk becoming too much to handle? Using this Heritage Hill lateral file, you may reclaim valuable desktop real estate while improving your office's efficiency. With its two huge drawers with full extension slides, you may store hanging files of any size, whether letter, legal, or European. If you have any confidential documents, you may keep them safe in the top drawer, which has a lock. The two drawers cannot open simultaneously due to the safety latch. Its broad top surface gives you plenty of room to showcase your prized possessions, such as an accent lamp, awards, trophies, plants, and pictures. You may put it wherever and it will look great: the workplace, the living room, or even the foyer! This lovely filing cabinet, done in Classic Cherry with sophisticated hardware, is precisely what you've been looking for.


Appearance-wise, this bookcase is consistent with the rest of the Heritage Hill collection, so it blends in well with the decor of my workplace.

In terms of durability, the fact that the side panels are not a single, integrated structure is a major turnoff for me. Once it's constructed and fastened to the wall, it appears rather durable, however it's not particularly stable as you're putting it together (more on that below). No problems, as least that I can see, are in sight.

In order to ensure the product's stability, an anchoring bracket for the wall was provided in the packaging. You'll need a drywall anchor if you aren't screwing the bracket into a stud, which it doesn't seem you can do.

Here at the ASSEMBLY stage, things start to become a bit annoying. Furniture kit assembly is nothing new for me. The construction process is lengthened, but I can see why they choose to utilize the concealed fasteners and L-brackets throughout. Assembling this product took me about 90 minutes.





7.VASAGLE Lateral File Cabinet for Home Office


The bars for your files are really solid and can be extended; the wood is good and clean; assembly is simple; the included screwdriver has a magnetic tip; the unit feels sturdy; and the instructions are clear.


The wheels could be locked a bit tighter, and it would be helpful if the box used bold print so the number could be clearly seen.





8. Bush Furniture Salinas Lateral File Cabinet in Antique White

Put your troubles in a gorgeous and practical cabinet. Featuring a stylish wood design, curved base rails, and exquisite metal drop pull hardware, the Bush Furniture salinas lateral file cabinet is a great choice for a home office that favors a more relaxed aesthetic. You won't have any problem getting to the rear of the box with the help of the two file drawers that open on silent, full-extension ball-bearing slides. Your letter- and legal-sized files will find a home in the white cabinet, helping you maintain a sense of order in your life. The lateral file cabinet's rustic appeal is universally appreciated thanks to its neutral antique white finish with a minor distressing. 

When completed, the apartment has a decent aesthetic. But it shouldn't come as a surprise that the overall durability is poor. I'm worried it could break if I fill it full with files. I also worry about placing anything too heavy on top, like a huge printer (which was our initial aim) that would strain the joints of this compressed wood and finally break apart.

Overall, it is a decent value for the money, but don’t anticipate too much in terms of longevity or sturdiness. In fact, it's noticeably flimsier than any other IKEA furniture I've had. Given what I know now, I doubt I would have made this purchase.




9.Martin Furniture Lateral File, Weathered Dove

Carson Office is a solid wood and veneers office suite that looks great in any setting. The natural open grain is highlighted by the weathered dove finish, making for a sophisticated but relaxed appearance. The Carson series is made better by its hardware, which has a mottled antique finish and is complemented by four-point diamond metal embellishments.

It's attractive and robust in appearance. The size is wonderful, and the color and proportions are just right for the corresponding desk. Roomy enough on the rear side to store a few hanging files but not much more. The rear of the cabinet provided plenty space for me to keep boxes of envelopes and other longer files.






10. Sauder Costa Lateral File, Coffee Oak finish

This lateral file from the Costa series will provide the handy storage you need without losing the aesthetic you love to your house. Your favorite accent lamp, potted plants, knickknacks, photographs of the family, and more may all be proudly displayed on its sturdy 1" thick top surface. The two huge drawers include full extension slides to accept letter or legal size hanging files, making it ideal for storing and organizing a wide variety of papers. In addition, it has a proprietary interlocking safety system that ensures only one drawer may be opened at a time. In order to keep your valuables and sensitive documents safe, each drawer has a locking mechanism. This file cabinet's charming cottage design makes it a versatile piece that would look well in the living room, office, foyer, or bedroom.

Because it matched the desk, I had to have this folder. Solid and attractive alternative to the traditional metal file cabinet, as indicated by another reviewer. Enjoy I said, I like it and would purchase it again. Side by side, it can accommodate two hangers of standard letter size. If you just use it for files that are legal size, there will be a lot of wasted space around your documents. Although a legal document and a letter would have been ideal, this will do. As many have noted, assembly is not a simple task.




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