You May Upgrade Your Living Room with These 10 Designer Couch Tables

Let's be honest: The side table is the furniture's unsung hero. Not only do they hold remotes, cups, magazines, and [insert random tabletop object here], but they also look great and add just the right amount of color or texture to a small space. Side tables come in all shapes and sizes, from sculptural pieces with soft waterfall edges to sturdy wood stools that can also be used as extra seats for a guest who showed up late to your dinner party. And the fun doesn't end with the different shapes; different materials can give your living room, entryway, or even bathroom that extra touch of texture it needs. From Hay's granite-topped Bowler table to CB2's horseshoe-shaped dream, we've handpicked some great side tables to solve your "where do I put my wine glass while I watch Love Island?" problems. We've found the perfect table for you, whether you're a minimalist who likes classic designs or a hoarder (like us) who needs yet another junk drawer.


1. Halves Side Table by Muuto × MSDS Studio

This two-tiered coffee table is a work by Canadian design collective MSDS. The use of acrylic stone composite allows for an intricate and polished design, with features like seamless seams. Depending on where you put the table, its asymmetrical profile takes on subtle new shapes. Whether you store it at the entrance, next to your bed, or by your couch, its water-resistant surface will come in handy.




2. Rivet Box by Jonas Trampedach for Frama

Aluminum is notoriously difficult to weld and screw. So, the 'Rivet Series' was born from an exploration of the riveting/tenon process. The basic design falls in between handiwork and mass production, as it is both laser-cut and hammered by hand.


Designed by Jonas Trampedach for the Copenhagen firm Frama, which specializes in furniture and home goods. Incorporating its traditional but forward-thinking aesthetic, the studio serves as a fertile environment for experimental concepts and projects.




3. Sentrum Side Table

Combining theoretical and applied elements, Maximilian Schmahl and Fabian Schnippering's modern metal side table has an S-shaped base. Sentrum's geometric swirl generates spacious storage compartments on both sides, and the design's minimal aesthetic allows it to stand out on its own as a bold piece of furniture. The designers also took into account how people would feel interacting with the products they made; this unusual piece of furniture, with its eye-catching aesthetic and practical usefulness, received high marks on the happiness scale.




4.mDesign Modern Farmhouse Home Decor End Table

The mDesign Modern Farmhouse Side/End Table is the perfect blend of style and utility. This decorative item has an open grid shelf that provides plenty of storage space while yet maintaining a contemporary minimalist aesthetic. Make a statement in your living room with this space-saving accent piece, and appreciate the many uses and modern look it brings to your house. It's perfect for cramped quarters since it can be tucked away in a corner or next to a chair to serve as a tabletop display or as additional seating. The solid steel construction of this table guarantees its popularity.





5.Baja Natural Oak C Table

The Baja side table, made from white wood, was inspired by the region's stunning natural scenery. The natural finish and C-shaped design of this table highlight the wood's distinctive grain, knots, and other characteristics. This table has a reverse chamfer edge design that elevates its otherwise rustic and classic aesthetic. We like how this table can be used in a variety of settings since it can be tucked away beneath a chair or couch. The Baja oak C table can only be found at Crate and Barrel.



6. Circoe Table

Susanne Grnlund, a Danish designer, always makes a mental note of the things she doesn't want to make before she ever begins the process of making anything, whether its furniture, textiles or lighting. Her dedication to the craft has made her studio a go-to for cutting-edge, contemplative design with a nod to Scandinavian minimalism. All of the components of her Circoe Table (2013) are spheres, resulting in a streamlined and aesthetically pleasing table. You may put it next to a chair or couch, or even next to your bed if you require a tiny table there.



7. YAMAZAKI home Plain Side Table with Storage Shelf White

I have a planted aquarium, which means I need a LOT of supplies and accessories. (To be honest, it's a money pit.) My tank is very stylish (it's a Fluval Flex 15, which is highly recommended, but that's a review for another time). I needed a table that didn't look bad and could hold my CO2 tank (FZONE with the regulator, 5 stars by the way) and a power strip. The strip had to be up off the floor (because of water) and easy to get to (cuz I need to turn off the pump twice a day to feed the fishies).


I put a few accent pieces around the CO2 tank to make it look like it was put there on purpose. The power strip is stored in the compartment, which is out of sight but easy to get to. If I had chosen the white tank and matching stand, the white would have worked too, but you would have been able to see the power strip better.


The only bad thing is that it's very loud. In my "open plan" (ugh) home, if I pick up something or move the power strip, it can be heard on the whole first floor. I didn't give it five stars because of this. If you want this as a nightstand, you should think about that. When you pick up a book, put down your phone, or take off your watch, you will wake up your partner. Clack, clack, clack, and screech.


Quite strong. If your floors are a little bit uneven, you can adjust the legs (just screw them in less or more). Metal is a little rough.






8.Level Side Table

This side table with a tube frame stands out because to its intriguingly asymmetrical design and clean, simple lines. Framed in a smooth, continuous line, Level's two shelves provide the kind of additional storage and presentation space that is always appreciated. The steel has a durable powder coat finish in three different neutral tones.




9. I Beam Black Marble Side Table

A wink and a nod to cutting-edge structure and machinery. This adaptable end table is made of black marble that has been hand-cut, shaped, joined, and polished. Useful for reading and caffeine-rich beverages on the couch or chair.


The white marble on this black table is not as prominent as it is in the internet photograph, but my table is marbled. If the colors were switched, I'd take more notice. This thing is hefty and true to its weight. The tabletop is 15" by 12", suitable for a couple of drinks or a bowl of popcorn. Reduced gloss, approaching a matte appearance. Extraordinary packaging consists of a thick styrofoam casing. There are no flaws with this artwork, and it is a focal point in my living room.





10. Wlive Rustic Brown Flip Top Side Table with Charging Station

The somewhat unbalanced "hatch" that opens to reveal the plugs bothered me after assembly, and I almost sent it back. But it's surprisingly solid, it doesn't take up much room while still providing enough space for your stuff, and the plugs seem to be of high quality; I've had no problems with my iPhone's charging speed or its connection to the outlet. Due to the benefits I received, I was able to overlook the somewhat imperfect construction, but you should be informed that this is probably the case for you as well.



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