10 kinds of best office supplies

The cleanliness of the desktop represents your working efficiency to some extent. A neat desk and items orderly prove that you must have a clear mind.

If your desktop is untidy and it takes a long time to find something, your work efficiency is not high enough. How can we keep our office environment clean and tidy? Here are some tips.

1. Office storage series

  • Penholder

There are many things can be put in the penholder, such as pens, mobile phones, scissors, etc.



  • Wooden Filing Cabinet

Although the office file cabinet is a small object, it is really special and practical. It can be used to save all kinds of documents for you, and it can be easily found when you look for it. Document cabinet is undoubtedly a very common object in today's office environment, because the document cabinet is designed for the office environment, its existence is also for the convenience of office, and now the document cabinet has become an office necessity.

filing cabinet

  • Small Storage Box Things

Small Things Storage Box can be chosen according to the quantity and space of the items they want to storage. What suits you is the best. At the same time, careful selection of materials is also required. How to use and place items needs to be well planned. Only reasonable planning can maximize the use of boxes. It's super useful to have a receipt box. Move up and make our desktop clean and tidy! There are many things in the box, such as pens, notes, mobile phones, etc.

1.3	Small Storage Box

Long-time working is bound to do some harm to the body. The items mentioned below will help our bodies more comfortable and have a higher working efficiency.


2. Supplementary office items

  • Wrist protection

    It's not just gamer who touches keyboards for a long time. Text workers are another group of users who touch keyboards more often. Long-term use of keyboard is bound to cause wrist fatigue。Thus, long-term use of keyboard users and the keyboard itself does not have keyboard support function, it needs to be equipped with keyboard support. As we all know that comfortable office environment and equipment can improve the working efficiency!

    wrist protector

    • Portable Juicer

    Firstly, the portable juicer is compact, so it is very convenient to carry out. Then, it can be used as a mixer, juicer, grinder, etc., can be said to be a multi-purpose machine to meet different needs. In addition, the separated cup body and fuselage can be cleaned and used more simply. The combination of stainless steel blade and pure copper motor makes the service life longer and more durable. It can also be used to stir food more quickly and extract juice in only a dozen seconds. Portable design brings a lot of convenience to life.

    • Laptop Stand

    In the information age, laptop brings enjoyment and convenience to our life, but also have a subtle impact on our health. Long unhealthy sitting posture is harmful to our body. The invention of the laptop stand changed that. It conforms to the principle of ergonomics and elevates the laptop to a certain angle, which is suitable for the eyes. It can provide users with the best experience. If you use a computer for a long time without a radiator, it's best to separate it from the desktop. The metal laptop stand can not only increase the contact area between the mainboard and the air, but also enhance the heat dissipation ability of the laptop. Besides, ergonomic design can improve sitting posture while protecting cervical spine.

    computer stand


    • Humidifier

    Humidifier can increase room humidity, which is good for us. The weather is dry and the humidity in the air is low in winter, the mucosa on the surface of human respiratory tract is easy to dry and the elasticity is reduced, dust and bacteria are easy to adhere to the mucosa. Once the mucosa is damaged, bacteria attached to the surface will enter the human body and cause disease. Therefore, moderate humidification can keep the respiratory tract moist. The most suitable humidity for human body is between 30% and 60%. The usage times of humidifier can be adjusted according to the specific conditions. Cleaning is very important. The water in the humidifier needs to be replaced each day, and the body needs to be cleaned each week thoroughly to prevent bacterial growth.

    • Electric toothbrush

    Oral health and fresh breath are very important. Brushing your teeth after meals is a good habit.

    3. Home office supplies

    • Home office desk

      The desk is the essential furniture in the home office. There are many kinds of desks. We can choose the style of the desk according to the decoration style of our family. Generally speaking, rectangular desks and L-shaped desks are more common. Computers, books, papers, pen boxes and some decorations can be put on the rectangular desks. Compared with rectangular desk, L-shaped home desk has larger space and can be put more things.

      standing desk
      • Home office chair

      The choice of home office chair is also diverse, we can choose chair type according to our own home decorative style.

      1. Leather office chairs

      For those who like to work at home, it is a good choice to combine the practicability of office chair with the design aesthetics of armchair. This kind of office chair is more like a home space than a workplace. Soft leather with comfortable armrests makes the chair design more ergonomic and adds elegance to office space.

           2. Mesh home office chair

      There are many advantages of mesh home office chair. Because of the grid design, it is very breathable. Especially for those of us who have been sitting on chairs for a long time, or in summer, it is easy to sweat. Sweating is not good for our pore, so this mesh home office chair is very intimate and not stuffy. The design of chair is also very humanistic. Sometimes our waist will feel tired after sitting in front of the computer for a long time, so designers set up a waist support system, which has a supporting effect on our waist. To some extent, it can improve our work efficiency.

      ergonomics recliner office chair


            3. Ergonomic chair

      For some people who need to work at home regularly, the comfort of chairs is very important. The ergonomic chair is designed to fit the curve of the human body. It can make people relax, even after sitting for a long time. The universal wheel at the bottom makes us easy to move.

      Generally speaking, no matter which home office chair you choose, the beauty is the second, and the most important thing is to consider the comfort.

      • Home Bookcase

      Home bookshelves have 6 following advantages:
      1. Save space, and can play the role of decorating the wall at the same time.
      2. Less materials, cheaper prices, suitable for mass consumption.
      3. Simple design, easy to use, do not need to read the instructions.
      4. Perfect in function,so that the goods can be placed in an orderly manner.
      5. It occupies less space, the total volume of ordinary simple bookshelf is not large.
      6. The bookshelves are simple and natural.

      Modern Bookcase4. Beautiful decorations

      1. Cloth art. Cloth art mainly includes curtains, cushions and chair cushions. In modern office, cloth decorations can not only soften the rigid lines of office, but also bringing the office warmth.
      2. Rattan art. It mainly includes rattan table, rattan chair and rattan sofa. The raw materials of rattan art are usually from nature. We can feel the fresh and nature from the rattan art.
      3. Bonsai Flower Art. These green plants can enrich the remaining office space, bring a new visual experience to the company.
      4. Aquarium. Aquarium is suitable for some big offices. Aquarium represents a healthy and beautiful office environment, which is usually considered by some large companies or enterprises.

      5.Puppet ornaments. Puppet decorations bring a sense of playfulness to home office. Putting a puppet on the table is a good choice.

      6.Pottery flask. Pottery flasks make home office environment easier. It also makes the whole space look more tasteful.

      delicate decoration in office

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