5 ways to make a small bedroom look bigger

 If you’re stuck in the decoration of a small bedroom and are expecting a broader horizon in such a corner, you are not alone.

It’s one of the most common issues we may encounter when decorating our house. Fortunately, we come up with some ideas you can apply to your own bedroom without wasting so much energy:


In the beginning, let’s list how many kinds of furniture you consider them are essential to your bedroom and prescribe the right medicine.

  • Bed (for rest)

  • Nightstands (support items that might be used during the night)

  • Lamp(light-producing)

  • Vanity table(for dressing and making up)

  • Closet(storage for clothes)


  1. Cut back on furniture

If rank all of the above by their usage function, nightstands are supposed to be the least required cause the items we might use during the night are relatively few and small, and even a vanity table beside our bed are able to replace it easily. For those who need to separate cosmetics and daily necessities clearly, a mobile side table is the best choice, which will help you keep all necessities closely with reach for use at any time without taking up too much space.




  1. Use Vertical Space

When you have no idea to expand your floor space in your little room, shift your minds, try to think vertical. By using the built-in closet from the floor right up the ceiling, you can make a great difference in making the room seem larger. Simultaneously, a built-in closet could make the most of the vertical space to add storage and visual space to a bedroom.



  1. Keep the bed and bedding simple

This is the best rule in all designs, especially if you want to make a small bedroom larger. Put away the complicated decor ideas about your bed because big, chunky beds will overwhelm the space. Choose a lithe bed frame to accompany with light-colored fabrics for bedding to create to clean and simple look. A simple design with coordinating colors and patterns will not only make it more visually appealing but also make your small bedroom room seem bigger.





  1. Hang mirrors

In the normal circumstance, every bedroom needs at least one mirror so you can check out your make-up and outfit. But for small bedrooms, it can play one more role: reflect artificial light around the room to give the illusion of a larger space and there are so many ways to work them into the bedroom:

  • Mirrored closet doors

  • Mirror over the dresser

  • Mirror grouped on the wall




  1. Lighting solution

Decorating a small bedroom is challenging, but lighting decor can be even more difficult. You are supposed to remember proportion and scale when selecting lighting for a small bedroom. Oversized lamps and ceiling lights can make the space feel overcrowded and uncomfortable. Install wall lamps beside the headboard may be the best choice, which works to draw the eye upward, helps to give the room an open, airy look, and reduces visual clutter around your bed.


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