6 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

We all want a high-end, beautiful, and luxurious-looking home, but is it within the budget? If not, stop waiting and apply the styling tips and tricks in this article to take your home into the next level!



1.Double Duvets

One thing that you can do, which is applied by a lot of stores and hotels, is double up on your duvets. Chances are that you go to the store and see the comfortable fluffy bedding, which arouses your curiosity about why your bed doesn't look like that. The reason is they have two duvets on the bed, one covers the entire bed, one right on top could be folded over to add a big thick layer and gives a flush fluffy look to the bed. 





Another trick to give your bedroom or living room a grander appearance is adding some cozy throw pillows. Large length throw pillows with a fabulous color palette and pattern will right away add elegance to your home interiors and bring extra comfort to your guest on the couch. 


By the way, instead of purchasing all new throw pillows which can fee a small fortune, updating your area to get a completely new appearance via means of swapping out your throw pillow covers is an economical alternative.



3.Illuminate with Lighting

Lighting to the house is what jewelry to the women. Taking advantage of the mood lighting is an easy and cost-friendly way to add a sense of glamour to your house and create a luxurious atmosphere. No matter hanging the pendant light, setting pot light, using a traditional table lamp or the LED light on the vanity mirror, there’s one thing you need to keep in mind is to unify the color temperature.




4.Wall Moldings

DIY the wall moldings is a great way to make your space more polished and elegant like a castle and save a lot of money as well. The baseboard, ceiling beams, columns, and so on provide a lot of room to innovate and decorate. Whether adding a pop color or piling the wall with clean lines, it is supposed to be the perfect finish to your home.



5.Window Treatment

Full-length curtains are an excellent way to make your home look more spacious. If your curtains are too short to mount at the ceiling board, you could extend the length of your curtains by virtue of different types of curtain rings, which will add about three extra inches to your drapes.



6.Add Wall Art

Every room requires a focal point. A huge scale piece of artwork or an elaborately designed gallery wall will give your room a fast facelift. Taking the cost into consideration, large-scale artwork is usually more expensive, so doing a DIY method to create your original works is a really fun way. You can get large-scale canvases to paint by yourself, do textural art.

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