7 Tips for Living Room Makeover 2022

What's the busiest space in your home? It seems obvious that the living room holds most activities, hence it deserves more attention on the design. The ideal living room must be functional but stylish as well. If yours doesn’t meet the standard, it’s time to make a transformation.

Stop procrastinating on the makeover plan on account of the limited budget, we rounded up several budget friendly living room makeover tips and you will be sure to find your cure.


Add Green to Your Living Room

Freshen up your room with the color palette of nature. The most directive way is to add some green, arrange some oversized plants to fill one underused nook or corner. Use real plants. Nurture them, propagate them so that you don't have to keep buying new ones all the time.


Storage Is A Must in Living Room

Wherever you went, storage is a must. Especially the living room, the place you entertain a great deal frequently. During the makeover, try to pick a piece of furniture embeds the storage space into it to decorate. This WLIVE industrial lift top coffee table breakthrough restrictions of decor collocation. The hidden compartment beneath the tabletop, for instance, provides ample space for storing books, electronics and some tiny necessities.


Light Changes a Lot

Lighting is a crucial element in interior design and has the ability to impact everything else in the space. If you are tired of staying in your narrow and dimly-lit living room, here are two transformation tricks you can try to brighten up and expand the space without investing too much energy or money.

  • Let the natural light in: Hang gossamer curtains on the windows to let in more light and create a bright accent.
  • Light tube: install some light tubes if it is within your budget.


Install Hanging Shelves

Installing a few hanging shelves for storing books, displaying your favorite collections is an ingenious way to make use of your wall space. Simultaneously, decorate floating shelf with using personalized elements in a complementary tone to make your living room the one and only.


Create A Reading Nook

For people who can’t live without books, there must have a corner left for a cozy reading nook.

Simply add a large throw pillow and a blanket to add some dimension without taking up floor space.


Floor makeover

Want to transform the old and shabby wood floor? However, the whole floor renovation must be a time-consuming and laborious thing. Don't blame me for not telling you, an oversized room carpet will excavate more decorating possibilities, thanks to the numerous colors and patterns to choose from.


Feature wall

Create a gallery wall with personal features, which allow you to display all of the prints and posters you collected, and your family members’ photos representing different pleasure times and memories.  The eye-catching gallery wall could also bring the most functionality to your living room in the quickest way.


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