How to Bring Wood into Your Office Naturally

In today's call for green buildings, the design of modern buildings should not only ensure the safety, comfort, intelligence and ecological environment of buildings, but also pay attention to the effective use and saving of energy.

From the macro point of view, wood material is a kind of material directly derived from nature, which saves resources and does not cause environmental pollution in the use process. As a natural state, wood is renewable and recyclable.

From the microscopic point of view, wood has good thermal insulation performance, can reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning and other machineries effectively. Wood also has good sound insulation and sound absorption performance to eliminate noise pollution. Wood has a soft natural luster and can reduce urban light pollution, and can provide a good visual environment for people. Wood itself has a good sense of touch and color. People do not need to spend more resources to make decorative materials. Wood has a long service life, solid wood furniture is more than 5 times longer than plate furniture. And it is here that wood comes in.


Bring wood into your office

An Exquisite Accent Wall

The easiest way to add reclaimed wood to the home office is undoubtedly the accent wall. Many kinds of wood often emit a special and pleasant aroma. After tests, some of these gases can be sterilized, insecticidal, some can stimulate the spirit, some can calm nerves, resulting in health effects on human health.

accent wall


Shelves Crafted

You can take either the freestanding shelf option here and opt for a design that gives you greater flexibility while redecorating or go down the route of fixed shelves that offer more in terms of storage space and space-savvy design.




Minimalist filing cabinets

Space needs harmony and comfort. It is designed to optimize the environment and improve the quality of life. It's a perfect place to put papers and important things.



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