Everything here is different, Ingenious office style

The feature of traditional office space is Usually distorted by the environment of the `` Booth Type ''

Blindly pursuing cost areas neglecting the value of brand display itself.

office design

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The feature of traditional office space is
Usually distorted by the environment of the `` Booth Type ''
Blindly pursuing cost areas
neglecting the value of brand display itself
“Zones Design” seeks effective work efficiency
in the office without humanization
And the comfortable atmosphere is "contradictory"
office design


Balance of Tension


To explore the eco-office space, the team has been trying to find hidden design logic. Our design hopes to solve Party A's actual problems, help them reflect the brand's commercial value, and at the same time, to improve space utilization, "design for design."


office design


office design


In this project, the team hopes to find the various levels in a more concise order so that the "material" and "sensory" resonate with each other.

Through the combination of different materials, the entire space is connected and shaped, and the texture and construction techniques of materials are used to describe the "balance of tension" between matter and consciousness.







office design
office design

In the design process, the most suitable scales at both ends of the functional work surface are divided to balance the excessive distance and effective "affinity" generated in the office and rest areas.


office design

office design


The change in the size of the furniture is consistent with the width and height of the human ergonomic size. Due to the comfort of the details, users can feel the "personality" of the brand space during the intervention process.





office design


In addition to decorative effects, the ceiling shape must also carry a variety of functional building components. It integrates all devices in a "blocky way" to meet functional requirements and increase the overall transparency of the space.

Through experiments, the designer optimized the sound-absorbing cotton material and processed it into a curved surface as the skin of the component.


office design


The internal support components are factory-made prefabricated steel frames, which greatly shortens the assembly cycle and maximizes the form design requirements-a "flexible" space.

In a simple space with horizontal and vertical lines as its main components, there is a "playful" temperament. This simplicity is the basic requirement for "function".


office design

office design




office design

In order to analyze the gender and age of younger and more individual employees, the control of hue must also be biased towards light gray and mature medium gray.

office design

Based on the combination of various forms and scenes required for the office space, one person discusses, quiet, noisy, hard and soft, and the designer hopes to find unity in the contradiction.

In terms of materials, the entire space is more restricted. Behind each material, we wish to point out a unique spatial relationship and the corresponding "aesthetic structure."


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