How to Increase Productivity when Working From Home

The reason most people choose to work from home is because it provides them with great comfort. However, do you know that everything is a double-edged sword because the lower productivity and the loss of goals were the price that was paid for that convenience?

So, let’s talk about how to increase productivity when working from home. While we know that these tips may not work for all of you, here are some tips on how to set up an efficient home office, develop good habits, create a scientific program, and more.

  • Get dressed

Make sure you dress appropriately after getting up early. Take off your comfortable pajamas. Dressing as formally as you work in tall buildings is unnecessary, but a simple act of change will give you a signal to wake up and get to work without distraction. This ritual puts you in a working state that will greatly improves your working efficiency.


  • Set a Schedule

To improve your work efficiency, you need to specialize in time management, make good use of your time, and maximize the value of your time. Allocating time in a planned way during work. Some things may take a long time, and some things can be done incidentally.

  1. List all the things to be done and clear work objectives.
  2. Set specific and achievable goals. All the tasks are supposed to have a specific deadline.
  3. Control the calling time and chatting time and similar things which may distract you.
  4. Follow your biological clock. Put the priority tasks in the best time at which you could work efficiently.  
  5. Achieve a scientific balance between work and life. It’s an unhealthy practice to devote yourself to work without being aware of passing time.
  6. Distinguish urgent affairs from important affairs. Follow an organized timetable and don’t ignore your personal social life as well.


  • Create a Proper Home Office

Working from home allow us to easily settle into the sofa or rest in bed at any time, which is a great challenge for our daily work and recreation. Therefore, it is necessary to separate the rest area and the work area. Below are two must-have home office furniture that we’d like to recommend to help you set up your personal official workspace.

  1. Oak Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk | DEVAISE


DEVAISE electric standing desk helps you reduce stress or pain of the back and neck, increases physical activities, keeps you healthy, and improves work efficiency. It will be the most valuable investment in your home office. No more back pain from long hours of bad sitting position!


    2. Black/White 3-Drawer Wood File Cabinet | DEVAISE

Chances are that you always cannot find the file you need in time and being surrounded by piles of files or a sea of office supplies. Are you fed up with it? A filing cabinet with 1 hanging file drawer which could accommodate letter and A4 files may be the ultimate tool to get you back on track.


  • Limit distractions

The toughest issue is getting rid of the outside world’s distractions, even if we have the ability to concentrate. The best antidote for distant workers is to have a fast internet connection. Neither of us have had to stop working due to the bad internet connection.

Using earplugs or headphones that play with little background noise can avoid outside interference from family members or roommates. For the older generations that doesn’t understand telecommuting, set ground rules so they don’t come into your room and ask for you every now and then.

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