The 5 Indispensable Factors of Small IT Office Layout

There are 5 Indispensable Factors You need to pay attention to when lay out your Small IT Office.

In the era of soaring house prices, if the start-up companies are short of staff and capital, renting a small office is the most suitable way for the current development. Small offices also need to convey the company's culture, strength and vision to employees and customers through sophisticated design, while ensuring that employees can have a healthy, efficient and comfortable office environment. But the reality is that small offices are prone to be crowded, cluttered, inconvenient, and lack of functions.

What should we pay attention to when we decorate a small office?

There are 5 Indispensable Factors You need to pay attention to when lay out your Small IT Office.

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1.Identify the right style

First of all, the most important thing is to determine the style that suits you. When the style is right, we can carry out the office decoration. Next, I will share with you some decoration styles.

1.1 Modern Simplicity Style

It is more suitable for Internet enterprises, design and fashion enterprises, which have strict control over details.

1.2 Industrial style

There are not many companies choosing industrial style, but they are representative. Enterprises such as science and technology, automobile, artificial intelligence industry love this style!

1.3 Nordic style

This kind of style is suitable for e-commerce industry and enterprises and shops related to daily life, because they are closer to life and can bring people a feeling of warmth.

1.4 Creative Office style:

Most of them are suitable for the arts, books, cultural media, brand companies and other companies, because the employees of these enterprises have a high demand for creativity in their work. They prefer the office with independence and individuality.


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2. Reasonable Functional Layout

Studies have shown that reasonable functional layout of the office has the following functions:

  • Forming efficient workflow.
  • It is beneficial to the staff's job distribution.
  • It is conducive to the smooth completion of the work.
  • Increasing employee's convenience and comfort when working.

There are several main factors should be considered when decorating and laying out small office.

2.1 Open layout

Employees in small office areas try to choose an open layout. If employees' office adopts a closed style, it will make the office more crowded.

2.2 Distinguishing dynamic and static zones

Personnel who enter and leave the office frequently, such as company sales and business, should be arranged near the door, so that they can go in and out more conveniently. If they need quiet environment, such as editors, they can be arranged in the office to prevent unrelated voices from disturbing them. Financial personnel should be arranged in a more private way, because it is the company's vital secret base.

2.3 Reasonable road

We need to set up straight passages and avoid curved passages, curved passages waste space and bring us walking inconvenience.

2.4 Spatial Permeability

When the office needs to be partitioned, try to choose glass partition, soft partition, furniture partition and other ways to avoid the obstruction of sight line.

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3Expressing Corporate Culture

Every enterprise's cultural atmosphere is different. Business managers need to attach great importance to corporate culture in the process of business management. Therefore, many enterprises will require the greatest degree of corporate culture when decorating their offices. If small companies want to build a cohesive team quickly, office decoration is vital.

To maximize corporate culture, we should pay special attention to the following points:

3.1 Enterprise VI Extension

Enterprise logo is the foundation of enterprise culture. The color of background wall behind logo can be selected according to the main tone of logo. The ornaments around logo can adopt some simple and generous ones to create a good corporate image.

3.2 Uniform Style

The office needs to be designed according to a unified style, which can give people a sense of simplicity. Mixing will make people feel uncoordinated. A unified style can make people feel the cultural atmosphere of the enterprise intuitively.

3.3 Office decoration tones can be selected according to the nature of the company

Different colors represent different corporate cultures and atmosphere. Serious enterprises office should choose dark color as far as possible. Dark color can reflect stability. Some younger Internet companies can choose bright colors. The research shows that bright colors can stimulate creativity.


3.4 Combining with the basic characteristics of the industry

For example, when an architectural design company decorates their office, they can put some decorations and ornaments with architectural design characteristics in the corporate culture wall, reception room, leisure area and other places.


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4. How to make a small office look bigger?


4.1 The design needs to be simple and concise

The complex and chaotic office decoration will take up office space and reduce the use of the area, and it also gives people a dazzling feeling in the visual. Conversely, a simple design can make the space look larger.

4.2 Don not use too many colors

We can choose our own favorite colors for decoration matching. Generally, we can choose light and soft colors as the tone. This tone has extensibility, which can make the space look larger and give people a spacious and bright visual feeling.

4.3 Lighting should not be too dark

The lighting of the office is also very important. In the case of insufficient natural lighting, we also need to ensure that the light source in the office is bright enough to make the whole space look larger. Too dim lighting will make employees feel depressed and affect their work efficiency. 

4.4 The ceiling should not be too low

For small offices, the ceiling should not be too low. In a small space, the low ceiling will give people a feeling of depression, which is not conducive to the create a relaxed and cheerful office atmosphere. On the contrary, higher ceiling can extend office space visually.


4.5 Poor lighting is suitable for light colored floor

The office on the lower floor often has poor light. In order to create a sense of brightness, we can design a good lighting and use light-colored floor, light-colored floor can help to adjust the indoor light.


4.6 Don't hang too many decorations in a small space

Proper ornament is necessary. Hanging too many ornaments on the wall will give people a feeling of crowding. If the office space is small, it will make people irritable.


4.7 Purchase removable office furniture

In addition to some high-quality office furniture, we can buy some office furniture which is easy to disassemble. Detachable furniture is easy to handle. If the company needs to adjust the office location or decide to move the company in the future, it can be disassembled and reused to save costs for the enterprise.

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5Choose suitable furniture

5.1 Bauhaus style furniture

Speaking of Bauhaus, you may feel a little puzzled. Bauhaus is only a design school in Germany in the history. From an aesthetic point of view, it can be summarized as “less is more”. Bauhaus style is practical and elegant. It is suitable to be put in a small space. 

5.2 Nordic Classic Furniture

Nordic classical furniture has the characteristics of simplicity, nature and humanity. It retains Bauhaus's functionalism and modern minimalism, but it is purer and warmer.

5.3 Postmodern Style Furniture

Postmodern furniture advocates the eclecticism standpoint of integration of old and new and inclusiveness. This kind of furniture is suitable to be put in negotiation and leisure area of small offices.

5.4 Italian Classic Furniture

Italian furniture has a rich historical origin, which is related to the development history of Italian art, architecture, crafts and economy closely. From the Renaissance to the present, Italian furniture style includes: Baroque, Rococo, Rome, Byzantium and other popular styles at that time. 



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