What Is Scandinavian Design?

Nowadays, the minimalist design in Scandinavian style has become the new darling of the soft wear industry.

More and more people like its natural minimalist comfort, so how to match the soft wear of the Scandinavian style?

Focus on spatial brightness

Because Northern Europe is close to the Arctic, the winter is long and cold, and the local night phenomenon can easily cause depression. Therefore, in the Nordic soft design, special emphasis is placed on the brightness of the space and the simple and clear colors to maximize the lighting.


Scandinavian Design Principles

Spatial Brightness


Due to the high latitudes in the Nordic region, some countries are even close to the Arctic Circle. The climate is cold, and the time of sunshine is short in a year. In some places, the sun is not visible for four months every year. This makes Nordic people long for sunlight at home, so they often use bright and bright colors, especially for large-scale color applications.


Scandinavian Design PrinciplesSpatial Brightness


Floor-to-ceiling windows are standard in many Nordic style designs.

The Nordic people bothered to create a warm atmosphere in the home, excluding the cold outside. Lighting is also an indispensable element in the Nordic style. Basically, there are more indirect lighting in the Nordic style space, and the level of lighting is also more diversified. In addition to the main lamp, mobile standing lamps and table lamps are used to create different Light and shadow effect.


Scandinavian Design PrinciplesNordic style designs


White walls brighten the space.

Simple and natural

In the Nordic-style space layout, many furniture accessories are not needed for decoration. The choice of furniture is mainly simple. I like to use natural-colored furniture such as wood color, white, and gray. There is a refreshing feeling in simplicity.


Simple and NaturalSimple and Natural


The wood-colored solid wood chair is simple in design and comfortable in texture.


Simple and naturalSimple and Natural


The coffee table has simple lines and multiple functions.

Lighting highlights geometric lines

The Scandinavian style emphasizes the brightness, and the choice of lamps and lanterns cannot be sloppy. The shape is basically based on simple lines.


Lighting highlights geometric linesLighting highlights geometric lines


Highlight lines simple and neat

Another characteristic of the Scandinavian style is the use of black and white contrasting colors, and sometimes even a little gray to neutralize. Generally speaking, black and white are "neutral colors" in interior design, and can be matched with any color on any occasion.

But in the Nordic-style home design, black and white are often used as the main color, or an important embellishment color. Sometimes even the picture frame or lampshade will be matched with black and white, and even a little gray is used for the transition design of the space.


Highlight lines simple and neatHighlight lines simple and neat


Simple floor lamp raises the level of space.

Wall decoration and green plants increase simple literary art

Wall decorations and green plants are a secret to highlight the Nordic style! Even simple decorative paintings and succulents have the finishing touch to brighten up the space!


Wall decoration and green plantsWall decoration and green plants


Green plants

Plants are the most reminiscent of a single item of natural layout, so green flowers can be used to connect different materials in the Nordic style space, expressing the fresh and pressureless effect of natural materials.

Especially on the dining table, green plants can choose seaweed, banana leaves, coconut fiber, bamboo, wood and other materials from nature, and put them together with cups and bowls made of pottery, which can also show the fresh visual sense of Nordic style.


Green plantsGreen plants


Two pots of green plants are placed next to the sofa, which looks good and looks good.


Wall decorationWall decoration


Natural light source for large windows and French windows

Natural light sources for large windows and floor-to-ceiling windows. Professional space designers said that since Northern Europe spends half of the night at night, daylighting is very important to them. Application in space design will enhance the availability of natural light sources, such as large window views Open design, etc., if you add large windows and floor-to-ceiling windows that introduce natural light, and combine indoor light sources and natural light, you can present a natural and comfortable atmosphere at home.


Natural light source


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