Coronavirus vaccine: How to use the days of blockade to improve yourself?

The Coronavirus is spreading around the world, people around the world are looking for tips to control anxiety and fear in a blocked state, but for some people, isolation is a completely different experience.

After eliminating the daily disturbances, they regard the interruption of life as a time for reflection, re-establishment of contact with others, and creativity. Here are three stories from around the world about how to enjoy life in a blocked state.


enjoy life in a blocked state


Gardening gives me goals

Sally Fairbrass, a intensive care nurse from the United Kingdom, started to take care of the garden herself a year ago. Now the garden has become an oasis for her to escape the stress of daily life during the outbreak.

"I am a nurse, which means that my daily work is different from the 9 to 5 work. We will experience long shifts and often night shifts. As you might expect, my work is as busy as all work Days, there are also quiet days, but during the epidemic (work routine), it has increased a lot. "


Gardening gives me goals


Whether it is rainy or sunny

"I used to like gardening very much, but I didn't always stick to it. So last year, while doing gardening, I started to update my blog so that I could stick to it better. I used to be intermittent, but during the blockade, I always insisted Work tirelessly on gardening. Now, even if it's raining, you will find me outside. "

"It's good to create some material changes. The work I do now will be seen in the next few weeks and months, and it's good to think about it. So, even if I only grow a carrot, I will be very good. Happy, there is a sense of accomplishment. So, I will continue to grow vegetables after the quarantine is over. "


Whether it is rainy or sunny


A purposeful life

"I think if you don't, you will lose your perception of general and important things. Gardening has given me a sense of purpose during the blockade," she added.

"It has become a kind of self-reminder and I can examine my thoughts and feelings. When I am weeding, potting or planting, my endorphins are stimulated-it gives me time to think about my One day. While in the garden, I realized that sometimes we have a lot of emotions, but we do n’t deal with them. "

"Walking into the garden is refreshing, free, and soothing, especially after a long day in the intensive care unit."


A purposeful life


Rediscover the joy of family life

In early March, a few days before the Turkish government announced the closure of the capital Ankara and other major cities, Turkish journalist Emrah Guler moved into Ankara with his parents.

"I like socializing very much, so it is very suitable for living in the center of Ankara, where there are many bars, restaurants and cafes. However, although I like to live in the city center, the buildings are too close and the streets are crowded and narrow. Knowing that I do n’t want to be quarantined there. "

Emra moved outside the city with his elderly parents, just outside the city.

"Life in the suburbs is peaceful; I walk with my dog Coco every day, and with the fresh air and greenery, walking is more fun."

Emra admitted that the most important thing is to re-establish contact with his parents.


Focus on what you can control

A month after the retreat, clinical nutritionist Shraddha Joshi used this time to master new skills, including yoga and mandala drawing.

"One thing that helped me deal with the blockade was that I was quite self-disciplined. I just changed the way I organized the day and set new goals. From the beginning I decided that I did not plan to waste this time."


Focus on what you can control


Calm and focused

But she said that she felt uncomfortable at the beginning by constantly reading the news and seeing the virus spreading around the world.

"I started doing yoga in the morning and meditation during the day to help relieve my anxiety. I think these two things undoubtedly helped me stay calm and focused."

"The most important gain is that I am more loving and compassionate towards friends, family and loved ones. If it is not for a good mental state, I have no way to establish contact with them, nor can I invest in interpersonal relationships."


The value of loved ones

"I think I will regard this day as a relatively bright day, that is because I am consciously working hard to give myself a positive perspective. There is no need to focus only on all the bad things that are happening, pay attention to all Lost loved ones. I want to focus on what I can control. "

"I personally reassessed the value of others, especially loved ones-because they were there the day before, and they left after a day. I think we as a whole are also aware of this," she said.


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