Coronavirus epidemic: what will the future tourism look like before the vaccine arrives

Sunbathers need to be separated from each other with plexiglass, blood tests and disinfectant sprays all over the body before flying. These sound extremely extreme, but some people in the travel industry are trying to make holiday tourists feel safe and safe after the global unblocking Comfortable, practical measures to consider.

It is still too early to say when international tourism will restart-for example, Argentina has extended the no-fly order until September, while a British ministerial official said that he will not book summer vacation tours recently.

But when cross-border tourism can start again, what will it look like?

The following are what you might see in the future.


Coronavirus vaccine



Airports in many places, including London, have taken measures in accordance with government guidelines to serve passengers who must travel, so these measures may sound familiar.

This includes keeping a distance of one to two meters at all times (except for people who live together), disinfectant hand sanitizers in multiple locations at the airport, and diverting passengers to terminals more evenly.

In the United States, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) stated that passengers should wash their hands before and after security inspections for 20 seconds-this is according to official guidelines.

However, the Hong Kong International Airport is already testing body disinfection devices. Hong Kong Airport stated that the device can disinfect users in 40 seconds by spraying disinfectant to kill bacteria and viruses on skin and clothing.


Coronavirus vaccine


The Hong Kong International Airport is testing a "body disinfection" device.

The airport is also experimenting with automatic cleaning robots, which will move around and use ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms. Similar robots have been tried in temporary hospital wards.

Airports with electronic fax machine kiosks also encourage passengers to use these machines as much as possible to avoid unnecessary interpersonal contact.

Most airports will display posters throughout the building to explain the relevant measures.

James Thornton, CEO of Intrepid travel group, said that due to stricter inspection procedures, customs clearance at the airport is likely to take longer.

"Just like removing the liquid and electronic equipment before passing the machine, the new social distance guidelines may also become the norm," he said. "We may also see the emergence of immunization passports."

Earlier this year, several airports announced that they would introduce "heat detection" to try to prevent the further spread of viruses imported from abroad.


body disinfection


However, experts have mixed views on the effectiveness of this procedure, because some people are asymptomatic infected, and many airports will not introduce this procedure.

However, some companies will take one step further. Emirates will provide passengers with a rapid 2019 Coronavirus (COVID-19) test at Dubai Airport before boarding. Emirates stated that the test can produce results within 10 minutes.


On the plane

When you sit on an airplane, the flight attendants usually hang a smile on your face, you can only rely on imagination, because most of them will wear masks.

You may also choose to smile, but you are also likely to wear a mask-because more and more countries recommend it.

At the same time, your mood should be relatively relaxed, because you know that most major airlines will strengthen cleaning and disinfection procedures, so that your table, seats and seat belts are properly disinfected.


cleaning and disinfection procedures


This is the cabin of Delta's domestic flight from Minneapolis to Baltimore on April 25, 2020.

If you booked a ticket on Korean Air, don’t be surprised when you see someone wearing full body protective clothing (PPE) in the cabin corridor, because the airline says it has plans to provide cabin staff with protective clothing, gloves and goggles .

In addition, perhaps now you will be more happy than usual to see that there is no one in the seat next to you, because most airlines say that the flight will not be fully booked, and the middle seat will remain vacant (at least this is a good start).

A pilot of TUI Airline, who was only willing to give his name Christian, said that although it is reasonable to divide the passengers on the aircraft to social distance guidance, it may prove to be "cost" huge.

"The loss of one-third of the seats means that either the airlines are operating at a loss, or we return to the old days when the Paris-Nice round-trip ticket was worth the same as today's 1,000 pounds (1145 euros; $ 1245).

Christian said that countries that rely heavily on tourism are already contacting operators. "I believe we will see a small-scale reopening of the aviation industry at the end of this season, and routes at some locations will resume operations."


After arriving

How does it sound to vacation on a beach in Italy? The truth is, you may have to walk among plexiglass pieces standing high. These glasses will be used to separate the sunbathers, you have to find the shade on the beach in such a situation.

"I have seen sketches," said Ulf Sonntag of the Institute for Tourism Research, "In Italy, they are seriously considering this idea."


separate the sunbathers


Sontag said that many places in Europe are also studying how to manage guests in hotels, including only allowing neighboring hotels to be separated from each other, or rooms in the same building to be opened at intervals.

"If the core goal is to maintain social distance, then they have to abide by this rule. It looks like the swimming pool of the Mediterranean Resort will not be open," he added.

The restaurant is considering splitting the tables further, and the Portuguese hotel chain Vila Gale said the group is already “hoarding hand sanitizer” and “drafting an à la carte menu instead of buffet”.

Nikolaos Sipsas is a professor of medicine in Athens. He agrees that buffets are a big risk, as well as swimming pools, bars and beaches.

"I see people on the Greek beaches are very sparse, in other words, there are tourists, but they will not be close to each other. We will not see the orderly beaches where people lie next to each other on the sand Case."

Other European countries are discussing the use of so-called "tourism channels" to connect countries and regions least affected by the new coronavirus.

For example, Croatia has stated that it may provide visitors from the Czech Republic and Slovakia with special access to enjoy the country ’s beaches this summer.


Will tourism change from then on


Will tourism change from then on?

You may not like these imaginary travel methods, and you may not be the only one you do n’t like. The fact is that there are many vacations in the future that are more likely to be spent at home.

"People are likely to travel less abroad, and what used to be called" staycation "may become the norm," Andy Rutherford, founder of the British tour operator Fresh Eyes Say.

Rutherford said that under the global epidemic of epidemics, cruise ships, ski vacations and long-distance flights may all lose their appeal, especially when the focus is back on green technology and responding to climate change. Support will be based on mutual respect, solidarity and responsibility. "

Sontag also agrees that a global pandemic may change people ’s habits: “Traveling in your country may make people realize that you do n’t always have to go that far.”

A recent survey by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) found that 60% of the respondents said they would wait two months before booking a flight after the coronavirus is under control-40% said they would wait at least six months.

Boeing, which has laid off 10% of its staff globally, said it does not expect aviation travel to return to 2019 levels at least until 2023.

International Airlines Group (IAG), the parent company of British Airways, said that this process may take several years.


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