Stunningly Scandinavian Interior Designs

The essence of Northern Europe is "Hygge". What is the specific style of Hygge? The word hygge is derived from a Norwegian sentence of "well-being".

 The word itself roughly means "comfortable" and "warm". By embracing a relaxed lifestyle, you can achieve inner peace and happiness. This is a warm and cozy, richly detailed and full of temperature style, almost all the books and articles about Hygge will emphasize many of the same topics over and over again: reading, tea, coffee, food, blankets, candles, fire and Close friends. It tells people that daily life can be refreshing, reminds people to slow down and stop hurriedly, to indulge in good things, regardless of size. The Danes are indeed the happiest people in the world.


Scandinavian Interior DesignsScandinavian Interior Designs


1. How can a novice decorator get the Hygge style?
Warm tones - warm brown orange.


Warm TonesWarm Tones


Warm brown coffee tables, single chairs, decorative paintings, etc. can also enhance the warmth of the entire space. The focus is on the large area of the wall or the white or light colors to highlight the importance of these styles in the space.


Warm Tones


2. Lazy and comfortable home atmosphere

The hygge style is more like an antidote for relieving hard work and stress. When a person feels the pressure of life is increasing, he begins to try to find a free, relaxed, and quiet mental state, which is hygge.

In the home atmosphere, we will try to save that fleeting time and create a happier home environment. Maybe it's just a corner, maybe it's a time in the afternoon or evening. Therefore, the hygge I understand is a more desirable state of life.


Lazy and Comfortable Home Atmosphere


3. Clean and Bright Space

In addition to being comfortable and warm, the hygge style is a clean and bright space style, which coincides with the Nordic style.

The overall furniture is mainly light and bright, and the light is bright and soft, which makes the body and mind happy.


Clean and Bright Space


As long as it is Hygge, the log elements are everywhere. The log refers to the wood that has not been processed or only rough-processed, and the natural texture and original characteristics of the wood are retained to the greatest extent. The natural and original beauty is both delicate and rugged, and The logs are thick, strong, practical and durable, and more environmentally friendly.


Log Elements Decoration


In addition to furniture, it can also be the floor. The warm herringbone floor and the cool white wall form a strong contrast, and it looks so comfortable. Of course, there are also moments when relatives and friends are sitting around the warm wooden table to enjoy the food!


Sweet-but-simple Desk Space


3. How can I have the beauty of Hygge?

Thick knitwear is knitwear first, and the thick knitted woolen blankets that are all over the ins are the climax of the Hygge wind. The emphasis is on being large, thick, and looking particularly warm. Use gray-scale colors. Laying on the bed or wrapping it around, this lazy feeling belongs to Hygge. Large wool blankets mostly appear in the bedroom. If we want to create a Hygge-style bedroom, we generally prefer white walls. If it is a color wall, we need to choose colors with low saturation to create a gentle and quiet atmosphere.


The Beauty of Hygge


Metallic color is a sharp weapon to enhance the texture of space, it is called high-grade sense, one point is enough, more is thick and noisy, too little is thin and dispensable, metallic color can play a finishing touch in the space, bright and Chic, concise and a little fashionable at the same time. Metallic fishing lights, chic metal tables, cushions, footrests, play the imagination, this little metallic color is the simplest but also the most test of skill.


Metallic Color


Green plants and candles are the most indispensable Hygge, as ubiquitous as wood, each person in Denmark uses about 13 pounds of candles a year, which is essential in life and can bring happiness to people Something, the swaying candle comes with a warm buff, and when I take a bath, I light up my favorite scented candle. This is what I mean by comfort.


Indispensable Hygge


 Why Hygge wind can sweep the world, this is simple, who does not want to live a little easier? Get in the car quickly, get Hygge skills, give your home a little change and give yourself a little sense of Hygge and a little ritual. After all, in such a cold month, each of us yearns for more warmth.


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