Best Start Business Ideas In 2019 (2)

Recall from the last article, we introduced 3 startup business ideas of Pet Grooming and Care、Food Truck and Online English Teaching. I believe that the last article can give you some inspiration. This week, we will introduce three new types of startup business ideas. If you are interested, please read on.

Social Media Management

Social media is a phrase that we often use now. It is usually used to describe the content we post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and other websites and apps. Based on this, we can know that social media are web-based websites that allow people to communicate with each other. So what is social media? Everyone seems to have their own opinions on what social media is. Let's take a deeper look at this general concept to get a clearer and more accurate understanding. We can break it down into 2 simpler terms, let's look at each word separately. The "Social" part: refers to the interaction with others by sharing information with others and receiving information from others.

The "Media" section: refers to a communication tool, such as the Internet (television and newspapers are more traditional forms of media).

From these two independent terms, we can draw a basic definition of social media: social media is a network-based communication tool, people can communicate with each other by sharing information. 

social media marketing

Social media marketing is a good way for enterprises of different sizes to reach potential customers and customers. Now there are many companies that do social media marketing to maintain existing customers and expand new customers. If you haven't used social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to talk directly to your audience, you're missing out! Good marketing on social media can bring great success to your business, bring more business to you, create loyal brand advocates, and even promote sales.

According to an information chart released by Ambassador, 71% of consumers prefer to recommend a brand to others if they have a good experience with the brand on social media.

social media marketing

Now let's explore the importance of social media in business by analyzing its advantages.

1 Using Social Advertising

Social media advertising may be a new thing. However, it's growing faster than you think. Take Facebook advertising as an example, the social network launched advertising in 2005, its advertising revenue reached 9.16 billion in the first quarter of 2017, which shows that social advertising is long-term. 

social display and native advertising spent in US

More and more businesses experiment with digital advertising successfully, here are reasons.

1.1 Lower advertising cost: compared with traditional advertising patterns, such as print media, TV, radio and newspapers advertising, social advertising is not only reliable, but also cheaper.

1.2 Target audience: traditional advertising is a blind, shotgun approach, even if you make a lot of investment, your return is bleak. With social media advertising, you can reach your target customers, improve conversion rate, and finally get higher return on investment.

1.3 Real time performance analysis: When you do any offline advertising, you can't carry out the performance of your advertising activities. On the other hand, social media advertising can let you keep track of how your advertising performance (or how bad), you can change your advertising at any time and see the results in real time.

Last but not the least, all types of company have to know that social media advertising will get bigger and smarter based on countless people are using it. Social media advertising will be the future direction.

2.Boost Brand Awareness

Social media is a wonderful way to increase brand awareness. Some companies may think it's a way to build a brand, but the company which dismiss it will put competitors in a good position. On the other hand, many well-known experts also believe that social media has a certain impact on brand awareness. And why we need boost brand awareness?

brand awareness and loyalty

2.1 Find your audience: before you start to explore a specific social platform, see if your target audience is on the platform. This is the most basic point.

2.2 Eye catching: with a target audience, capturing their attention by using eye-catching visuals on your page. Pictures and videos will help you to attract fans and improve brand awareness greatly. It will not only increase their participation, but also their social share.

2.3 Establish channels of dialogue: single communication is never right. You need to have a place to communicate with fans. Fans can be activated by asking questions or drawing prizes and other ways.

2.4 Measure the outcome: it's effective to see what behavior is right by using the tracking tools and other external tools provided by the platform. Optimize your efforts and build a stronger brand with social media.

3.Increase Inbound Traffic

Inbound marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate targeted traffic to your site. This is a real traffic transition because it's very relevant. But, if you do not value the importance of social media in business, you will be limited to your own customer base or those who are already familiar with your product and brand.

By promoting social media, you can have a new channel to increase inbound traffic and get more inbound links.

with social media promotion

For example, if you have an active blog, you can connect with your readers with new content easily. Readers maybe will share the content on Facebook or twitter that can increase your visit by 10 times. You will contact more potential customers suddenly. They may like and share your content, let more people see your brand, follow your brand, and eventually become your customers.

social media marketing funnel

From above paper,we have seen the tremendous power of social media, there are so many users on the platform, we can help companies get traffic by using the right method. We can use our ability to open a social media management company to help those companies manage their accounts and bring them more business.

For many small businesses, they probably don't have enough time and resources and stuff to work on effective social media management. We all know that it takes a lot of time and effort to deliver high-quality content consistently, and these small business marketing teams often don't have the time and effort. Not to mention, perhaps no one in their team has the expertise or skills to implement effective activities.

If we have such professional knowledge and skills and have the ability to startup our business, why not do it.


Tax Consulting

There is a famous saying: "nothing is certain but death and taxes."

Many people think that the tax issue is confusing and tedious. Instead of thinking about it, they are more willing to hire experienced and skilled professionals to help them. Taxpayers who own large amounts of property or have complex personal property can choose to work with tax advisors or agencies. Professional tax consultants can use their professional knowledge and experience to reduce customers' tax liabilities and protect their vital interests. In addition, many people find the process of income tax declaration daunting. The tax policies issued are changing constantly, and many individuals and enterprises do not know many rules of governing deductions, credits and reportable income at all. As a result, ordinary taxpayers may make some mistakes, resulting in less or more taxes. If the taxpayer underpays the tax, he may be audited by the IRS and may be punished. But if the taxpayer overpays, he will lose the money he deserves.

Tax consultation refers to the consultation service provided on the aspect of tax professional knowledge at the request of the taxpayer. More and more enterprises require tax consultation, not to save tax, but to pay tax according to law as much as possible, and hope to avoid tax risk better in daily business.

average tax consultant salary

Tax payment is happening all the time in our daily life. For enterprises, how to pay taxes well, how to pay taxes correctly and how to avoid paying more taxes are also problems for enterprises. You may think that we have financial staff who know how to pay taxes. But you are wrong, the financial staff are not very professional in the understanding and application of tax law, and it is likely to make mistakes in dealing with major tax issues. At this time, it is necessary for the enterprise to hire a professional tax teacher as the tax consultant of the enterprise.

Tax consultation can be regarded as the military division of our enterprise in the implementation of major strategic policies, and the most appropriate solution which can be given to the enterprise in terms of tax. For tax consulting service, we must purchase this service if we have budget.

Thus, we know how important and necessary tax consultation is.

From above picture, we can know that the average salary for a Tax Consultant is $60,083. It's much higher than the average annual income in the United States.

We know that tax policies are super technical and complex, and laymen may be confused. An expert consultant can make the work easier because he is easy to understand. They may think it is an expensive thing to hire a tax consultant, or even an extra expense, but on the contrary, consultants can actually save a lot of money for the company.

Therefore, if we have professional knowledge and experience in this field, we may as well start a tax consulting company to help enterprises solve tax problems. This is really a good idea.


IT Consulting

Do you have any knowledge and experience with computer and other information technology? If so, with this knowledge and experience, you can consider starting an IT consulting business. Due to budget and personnel constraints, many small businesses prefer to hire outside IT consultants to help them install, manage, update and troubleshoot technology. Because technology glitches don't always exist, many small businesses need IT consultants only when they need them. As an IT consultant, you may need to provide remote services or on-site help. This kind of work can give you freedom and flexibility, and at the same time, this technology and service is what most enterprises really need.

IT consulting

Information technology is a general term for all kinds of technologies used to manage and process information. It mainly applies computer science and communication technology to design, develop, install and implement information system and application software. Information technology consultants mainly provide consulting services for companies of all sizes. From start-ups to large international companies, IT consultants provide them the fastest and most effective information technology systems. Information technology consultants are responsible for hardware maintenance and network security management. The IT consulting industry also provides IT consulting and other business services to those large enterprises.

The general consulting industry originated in the early 19th century, when the company put forward opinions and suggestions on how to improve their productivity and receive profit maximization. Consulting companies started in the United States. They help companies solve all kinds of problems. IT consulting businesses began in the 1980s, when computers were just coming into people's view. Since the 1990s, the rapid development of Internet and social media has promoted the development of information technology consulting industry, which is booming.

According to the U.S. Department of labor, there were more than 4 million people worked full-time in computer and math jobs in the United States in May 2015. Computer system design and related services, such as software publishers, data processing, computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing and other services, are the most concentrated industries in computer and mathematics.

According to IBISWorld, a market research firm, the U.S. IT consulting business is worth $376 billion. There are nearly 433,000 information technology consulting companies in the United States with more than 2 million employees. Design, development of applications and integration services account for nearly 25% of Total IT consulting revenue. More and more small and medium-sized enterprises are recruiting IT consultants to assist them develop and create software and ameliorate their business operations.

Here are the 10 best IT Consulting Firms listed by ADVISORYHQ.

 10 best IT consulting firms

Table: 10 Best IT Consulting Firms | Above list is sorted by rating

Above companies are among the best in IT consulting industry. If we have knowledge and experience in it, we may as well start an IT consulting company, or start a business with partners who has the same experience.

This article introduces three feasible startup company ideas, social media management、IT consulting and tax consulting. Among three of these business firld, social media management seems much easier than IT and tax consulting, since it does not require much professional skills. However, if you wish your business well and your colleague going along with you, you'd better put more efforts into furnishing your office to lead your team efficiently in that space you stay together all day. 

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