U.S. Sees Exponential Growth In Coronavirus Death Toll

New York Governor Cuomo announced on Saturday that the state has postponed the presidential primaries originally scheduled for April 28 until June 23.

U.S. Sees Exponential Growth In Coronavirus Death Toll


U.S. fatalities exceed 2100; Trump spoke again not to isolate New York and other three states. According to the New York Times epidemic database, as of Saturday night, a total of 123,072 new coronavirus positive cases have been detected in the United States, and at least 2,126 patients have died. The death toll has doubled since Thursday and continues to surge.

New York State remains the "heavy-hit area" with the highest number of cases and deaths. The state has 53,363 confirmed cases and 782 deaths; the number of deaths in New Jersey, Louisiana, and Michigan is also increasing. In addition, Illinois has reported the first known infant death in the United States.

Trump announced on Twitter late Saturday that he would not enforce segregation in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, but would issue "strong" travel warnings to be implemented by the governors of the three states. But just a few hours ago, he told reporters that he was considering implementing mandatory quarantine in the three states to prevent the epidemic from expanding.

Many states, including Texas and Florida, have required people from New York to quarantine for two weeks upon arrival. The governor of Rhode Island said on Friday that state police officers would stop vehicles by identifying New York state license plate numbers so that officials could collect contact information, and anyone from the state would also be subject to 14 days of forced quarantine.

New York Governor Cuomo announced on Saturday that the state has postponed the presidential primaries originally scheduled for April 28 until June 23.


U.S. Sees Exponential Growth In Coronavirus Death TollMARK ABRAMSON FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES


New York City officials are expected to decide on the weekend whether to fine residents of $ 500 for violating social distance rules during the outbreak. Mayor Blasio said on Friday that the vast majority of New Yorkers have been complying with these regulations, but have also found violations, such as some people gathering in parks and disregarding police dispersal orders.

Seven FEMA employees tested positive for virus. The agency, which leads the US response to the new crown virus, says four more people are awaiting test results. In a letter to the staff union, the agency declined to say where the diagnosed employees worked, which the union criticized as jeopardizing public health safety.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Civil Rights Office told medical service providers on Saturday that they must not refuse to provide medical services to people based on physical disability or age in an emergency. A few days before the directive was issued, disability advocates filed a complaint stating that the medical rescue rationing agreements adopted by Alabama and Washington were discriminatory. In both states, factors such as health are factored into the provision of treatments such as ventilators.

Despite the shortage of masks in the United States, experts are beginning to consider recommending masks for the average healthy person, especially those who cannot avoid using public transportation or intimate contact with others. Official WHO guidance states that masks do not necessarily protect healthy individuals from infection in their daily lives.


U.S. Sees Exponential Growth In Coronavirus Death TollGILLES SABRIÉ FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES


Death toll continues to rise in Italy, Spain, when will the "inflection point" arrive?

In the past 24 hours, the outbreaks in these two countries have remained severe: Italy has reported 889 deaths and Spain has 832. The total death toll in the two countries has exceeded 15,000, accounting for more than half of the global death toll.

The Spanish health system is already under stress, with many intensive care units operating at or near full capacity. In the outbreak center Madrid area, approximately 1,400 patients are currently in the intensive care unit. In Italy, although the number of deaths is still increasing, the case fatality rate seems to have begun to decline. For public health experts, it is even more encouraging that both Italy and Spain have reported signs that new infections are decreasing, although that number may fluctuate as the epidemic progresses.

Fernando Simón, director of the Spanish National Health Emergency Centre, said the country is approaching the peak of the epidemic curve, and in some areas the peak of the epidemic may have passed. Silvio Brusaferro, director of the Italian National Institute of Health, said the country's outbreak could peak in the next few days, but still stressed the importance of maintaining social distance.


U.S. Sees Exponential Growth In Coronavirus Death TollFABIO BUCCIARELLI FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES

News from other countries:

  • According to the Chinese Health Commission, 45 new cases were confirmed in mainland China on March 28, of which 44 were imported cases from abroad, and another local case was from Henan; five new deaths were from Hubei. A total of 81,439 confirmed cases have been reported in mainland China, with 3,300 deaths.
  • In the face of the epidemic, Sweden, Scandinavia's most populous country, chose to keep its society open and functioning. The country has closed high schools and universities, but no kindergartens or elementary schools have been closed, bars and restaurants are operating normally, and borders have not been closed. The Swedish government did not deny the dangers of the virus. Politicians and health officials emphasized washing hands, maintaining social distance, and restricting contact with the elderly, but more emphasised on relying on public self-discipline and responsibility. There are currently 3,060 people infected in the country, and 105 deaths.
  • Russia issued a government order on Saturday to close the border from March 30. With the exception of diplomatic personnel and cargo drivers, customs clearance measures will take effect on all land and sea borders. Russia currently reports a total of 1,264 infections. It closed the border with China in January and has grounded all international flights.

U.S. Sees Exponential Growth In Coronavirus Death Toll

  • On Saturday, Turkey suspended international flights and intercity trains, limiting the number of domestic flights. Coronavirus cases in the country jumped by one-third in one day to 5,698, with 92 deaths.
  • Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has expressed doubts about the death toll from the state of Sao Paulo. In the absence of evidence, he accused the governor of the state of exaggerating the numbers for political purposes. The state of São Paulo is one of Brazil's most economically developed states. It is also the state with the highest number of cases and deaths in the country, with 1,223 infections and 68 deaths.


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