How do you style a Scandinavian home?

The Scandinavian style is designed to be unfeeling and unattractive, and perhaps this color matching principle is the only difference.

After seeing a lot of pictures of home furnishing, I also want to make my home into an authentic Scandinavian style model room, paint a large white wall, and buy explosive furniture, but I always feel so bad. So here comes a multi-dimensional talk about how to make your home a comfortable, pleasant and sustainable Scandinavian style.


Sustainable Scandinavian styleSustainable Scandinavian style


How to match colors

Color matching is one of the most distinctive characteristics of the Nordic style. It is usually based on white, with main colors such as gray and wood color, supplemented by a small amount of solid colors as an embellishment. The overall trend is to light colors, giving a clean and bright feeling.


Solid ColorsSolid Colors


Color Matching Ratio

Only by paying attention to proportion can we highlight the key points. The background color accounts for 60%, the main color accounts for 30%, and the embellishment color accounts for 10%. It is the most conservative and error-free choice.

White is the background, wood color and gray are the main body, and green is the embellishment.


Color Matching RatioColor Matching Ratio

Background color

That is the color of the walls and roof. Located in the Arctic Circle, the long winter and night make the Nordic people cherish the sun more. White has the strongest ability to reflect light, so it has become the most iconic color of the Nordic wind.


Color of the Nordic WindColor of the Nordic Wind


In addition to white, you can also use gray, Morandi colors (some neutral colors with very low saturation).


Morandi colorsMorandi colors


The bedroom is a place to sleep, and the requirements for light are much lower. The walls do not need to be so bright to reflect the light. Sometimes, they are bold and the wall color is not too heavy.


Bold ColorsBold Colors


Main color

The vegetation coverage in the Nordic area is quite high, so in the life of the Nordic people, there are many wooden floors, and the color of the wood is an indispensable color. The wood color floor is almost versatile, and can match well with the above various wall colors.

In addition, the furniture can be echoed with the floor, which is conducive to the unification of the overall style, such as sofas with wooden legs, coffee tables, and wooden cabinets.


Wooden FloorsWooden Floors


Embellishment color

Bright colors such as candy colors are mainly used to increase the brightness of the room and break the monotony. They can be carpets, pillows, or small furniture. The use area is not much, the purpose is to "finish the finishing touch".


Scandinavian Vegetation CoverageScandinavian Vegetation Coverage


How to choose furniture

Scandinavian furniture looks very simple. The more "simple", the more carefully thought out the design, and ultimately the coexistence of aesthetics and practicality. What you see is what you use, no more cumbersome decoration.


Scandinavian FurnitureScandinavian Furniture


Furniture Material

The Nordic forests are rich in resources, which determines that the furniture of the Nordic style is mainly solid wood. Of course, it is not limited to solid wood. Materials such as cloth, iron, and acrylic are common. Use more mashups, it is easier to show the desired effect.


Scandinavian FurnitureScandinavian Furniture


Furniture color

In the choice of furniture colors, we must adhere to the style characteristics of the Nordic style, mix the wood color and white, and use appropriate neutral colors to enrich the level of the space; use bright colors in individual places to highlight the vitality of the space; And small items can form an echo in color.


Furniture ColorFurniture Color


How to choose a carpet

The existence of the carpet is usually to highlight the style of the furniture. To put it bluntly, it is the supporting role in the home, but it is like a scene where the conflict between the protagonist and the supporting role appears to be ups and downs, and the combination of carpets and furniture in the space seems to be rich. full. And the soft nature of the carpet makes the home more casual and lazy.


Scandinavian CarpetScandinavian Carpet


How to choose lamps

Lamps and lanterns are one of the important tools for creating an atmosphere in the home. Choosing a lamp, even if the bland furniture combination, may also bring visual impact. The materials of the Nordic style lamps are flexible and changeable, as long as the lines are simple and smooth, iron, glass, wood, PVC can be tried.


 Lamps are Flexible and Changeable


How to choose green plants

Because the Nordic style pursues natural ecology, green plants are an essential decoration. In the selection of varieties, the main focus is on tall and large green leaves, which form a bright large color block, which brings vitality to the white-dominated space.


Jean Ficus CuniaJean Ficus Cunia


Jean ficus cunia, the the number one net red plant in the world. Because the leaves are shaped like violins and the plants are shaped like lollipops, they easily capture the hearts of literary men and women, but Jean ficus cunia is also famous for being squeamish and difficult to support.


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